App not updating replaced tracks

  • 25 January 2017
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32 replies

I been have this problem for years - and it was the same when I was paying for SoundCloud which is WHY I'M NOT PAYING ANYMORE. You hear that SoundCloud? That is the sound of an unhappy customer not paying you... SoundCloud really doesn't seem to know what they are doing - which is why their finances are in the toilet.
Issue still as prevalent as ever... Can soundcloud hire me ? or someone who actually uses their app to its fullest capabilities...
Still an issue apparently.. songs dont update. How ridiculous...
I have the exact same problem:
What a joke. This is still an issue, as of today. Looks like I will be moving back to Dropbox.
ITS 2019 FFS. SC iOS app doesn't update without having to reinstall. Theres no search button in safari iOS for support. I'd go pro but this is not on. When SC fixes these problems ill pay.

And still a problem. Not to mention other problems which SoundCloud cannot fix. They take the money and don’t fix shit