App not updating replaced tracks

  • 25 January 2017
  • 32 replies

I've updated some songs on the web browser. The updated versions are NOT played on the app, but do play fine on the browser. I updated a song over 24 hours ago, and the old version is still playing on the app. I tried clearing the app's cache in iPhone settings, closing the app, logging off the app and back on, and even shutting down my phone altogether. Still the OLD version plays on the app!

32 replies

And still a problem. Not to mention other problems which SoundCloud cannot fix. They take the money and don’t fix shit

ITS 2019 FFS. SC iOS app doesn't update without having to reinstall. Theres no search button in safari iOS for support. I'd go pro but this is not on. When SC fixes these problems ill pay.
What a joke. This is still an issue, as of today. Looks like I will be moving back to Dropbox.
I have the exact same problem:
Still an issue apparently.. songs dont update. How ridiculous...
Issue still as prevalent as ever... Can soundcloud hire me ? or someone who actually uses their app to its fullest capabilities...
I been have this problem for years - and it was the same when I was paying for SoundCloud which is WHY I'M NOT PAYING ANYMORE. You hear that SoundCloud? That is the sound of an unhappy customer not paying you... SoundCloud really doesn't seem to know what they are doing - which is why their finances are in the toilet.
Having the same problem on the Safari browser app on the iPad.
SAME! I just found out that the app has been playing old versions of the songs for months and I had no idea. HOW THE HELL IS THIS HAPPENING?!!? I have been sending these tracks to record labels and music professionals, telling them they are revised mixes and had no idea that they are listening to DIFFERENT VERSIONS of the song than what I have been listening to through my desktop! How do you fix this???
Can we sue SoundCloud for this?
They are based in Germany, any German lawyer around here?
I'm sure that as soon as they see lots of users taking legal action, they will do something about it.
They've had money issues for quite a while, but that doesn't mean that they need to take advantage of us, paying users.
Hello, I am having this issue. I am using the beta version of SoundCloud on Android. What's the status of this bug?

I'm looking for an entire alternative to using Soundcloud solely because of this issue. I suggest others do the same. As paying customers, we're being taken advantage of. Any suggestions on alternative Soundcloud-type music upload/streaming platforms?
I'm having this issue atm. Using an S8 and logged out and back in.. refreshed.. cleared cache. Ughh why get pro when you can't update tracks properly. 😞
How is this still a problem? The OP posted this a year ago, and nothing has been done to fix it. The soundcloud app is generally pretty embarrassing, but this is unacceptable. Think about it, the only people who know that this issue exists are the ones paying for it to work. Replacing sound files was literally the only reason I paid for this, and it only works for listeners on PC.
Yeah, this is a joke. This has been an issue for well over a year and I pay you a lot of money for your services. The fact that you’re called soundcloud and can’t even provide me with my correct sounds in the cloud is really ironic.
This is still an issue. I cannot believe this isn't fixed.
The other question I have with this on going issue is:

1) Do other users that have the APP on their smart device have to also re install APP or clear cache to hear your replaced tracks?

If so, this would be very embarrassing to the Artist trying to release a track and making it public when It's not the production you want to be heard.
Hi there,

Other users have reported this as well. I currently don't have a timeline for when this can be investigated, but we've forwarded your reports to the relevant product and engineering team

This is still an issue.
Your reply and lack of follow up is very unprofessional. You and your engineering staff (if you have one) should be ashamed of your policies and work ethic. Offering a replacement option as a paid service but not fixing the bugs customers have been complaining about for a year sounds like a legal issue to me. This and other terms and conditions you guys have violated in the last year makes you an easy target for a class action lawsuit in my opinion.
Yup this is still happening and is still very frustrating. I have Android so the issue must not be only for iOS. Yes it happens every time. The only way to avoid it is to create an entirely new track. Is there any status on when this will be fixed?
this is still happening has anyone found a fix? there is no fix; this is something SoundCloud needs (and apparently refuses to prioritize) to fix. You can clear the cache or reinstall the app, but this will only update it for YOU. None of your listeners. Rendering it pointless.
this is still happening has anyone found a fix?
This is STILL happening for over a YEAR now for a PAID feature. We have to pay extra for the ability to replace a trackfile, and it does not update on the app without reinstalling the app. We can’t expect listeners to do this, so the feature is therefore pointless, honestly. Is this going to be resolved in the near future? Is this even on your list? I manage two different SC accounts that I pay for; essentially for this feature alone.

Tell me there is some hope here, or give me some reimbursement for the year (more, really) for falsely advertised features. Telling us to “clear the cache” or “reinstall” the app is NOT a solution to this, as the listeners (who really matter) are not doing this, therefore will continue to see the older version. So frustrating. Bad business and customer service.
Problem still persists: tracks not refreshed in the iOS app.
Clear the cache within the app, not iPhone settings.
I am of the same opinion. This problem is very annoying and should have been solved. That is exactly for what i paid for. Please put it on top of the list!