Bad Sound Quality on SoundCloud Mobile App

  • 28 January 2017
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The sound quality on the mobile app of SoundCloud sometimes is very bad, like of youre watching a Video on YouTube at 144p.
Im using an iPhone 7 Plus, but also had this problem with my oneplus 3 before.
When I listen to music anywhere else, everything is fine and even the mobile site at safari is just fine.
Would be cool if could fix this somehow, since it's very annoying if you just want to listen to some tunes through SoundCloud

16 replies

I am also experiencing very terrible audio quality on the mobile app. It sounds like a insanely low bit-rate. What happened SoundCloud? Can't handle the streaming demand of today's users? Very upset at the poor garbage sound. It's been a few weeks like this. I've been using SoundCloud since 2008
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Hi Mathis,

I'm having the same sound quality problems again as described above. Here's a link to the track:

Can you ask the engineers to look at it? Thanks!!
having the same issue as the playback on my tracks works perfectly on the web browser on my phone.. but as soon as i play it back through the app and the same iPhone speaker again it sounds like shit. not only that i uploaded the soundcloud link to a "Wavo" remix contest and it plays back beautifully via iPhone speaker, headphones etc.



i am also a paying customer and have the exact same issue with a personal track i have uploaded.. this issue only pops up in the soundcloud mobile app for iPhone..only on the iPhone speaker!! (Not headphones or desktop or even other platforms via Wavo which is through a soundcloud link!!)

Frustrating to say the least. Phase is not the issue as other threads suggest as i have fixed that issue. this is a Soundcloud app issue. here is the link via soundcloud:

and Wavo via soundcloud(Where it plays fine):

I have tried deleting app, reinstalling it, all that jazz..and same shit!

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Bump...anybody home?
Hey guys, would just like to say that you're not alone. I am currently experiencing this on my iPhone 6. It works all fine with headphones and speakers connected to the jack. But if I try to play music via Bluetooth or the iPhone speakers, the problem occurs aswell.

The weird thing is that it only occurs on some tracks on some typical frequencies (like claps etc.)
Exact same problem here:

A statement from soundcloud would be great!
Can we avoid this somehow?
would just like to say that you're not alone. I am currently experiencing this on my iPhone 7 plus. It works all fine with headphones in the Web-browser but as soon as i switch to app with same song it sound completely distoreted
Good afternoon!

I, myself, have also experienced this problem first hand songs like Illenium's "It's all on U" among many others in my playlist have the same problem. It is a constant distorting noise, similar to a low bit white noise, that interferes with some physical frequencies such as claps, high hats, etc.

As a loyal soundcloud user, I find it very stressing that i cant use or rely on the app as my main playback source. (Note: it only happens on the mobile app, the computer version works just fine.)

I use an Iphone 6 and an Ipad Air, and have the same problem in both platforms. I would very much appreciate if you could get back on the issue, because i kniw i am not the only one.

Thank you very much for your time.
Mine is in same situation. Any solution??
I have the exact same problem. Playback through the iPhone app on iPhone speakers makes my hihats sound like garbage. Playback through the soundcloud website on the same phone through the same speakers sounds fine. So the problem is the app.

Here's a link:

The hihats are intolerable.
Try this
Same here
Every song I listen to the volume fluctuates and the songs sounds like they fade in and out wtf
I've been working on post production for a new song, it sounds perfect everywhere but on the soundcloud mobile app, using ear buds on my galaxy s8. It seems there is major distortion no matter how I adjusted the gain, and compression. I was having a meltdown trying to figure out what I was doing wrong, until I found this thread.

I have the same problem too! I need help SoundCloud. please help me!

Heres the link:

Please help!!!