Can not fast forward within the track

  • 9 February 2017
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Hi all,

Has this been fixed yet? I can't scroll within a track on my apple iOS app or my Windows laptop, so that I can play certain points.



5 replies

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Hi there Ant,

This should actually work on both platforms. If it doesn't, please start by applying basic troubleshooting steps - clear your cache, restart your browser, make sure any third party extensions are disabled (Adblock, HTTPS Everywhere, etc.). If this doesn't work, try a different browser and see how it goes in there.

Let the community know how it went.

fast forward doesn't seem to work on the android app...?
I have a similar problem: embedded widgets don't allow me to fast forward within a track on Opera and Chrome for Windows, while working seemlesly on Microsoft Edge.

I've cleared the cache, disabled antivirus, extensions (went incognito) and Flash, restarted browser, restarted computer, but sadly nothing helped.

Is there any chance, it will work?
I have the same problem on iPhone6. I'm listening to a dense art history lecture, and I want to be able to back up a little and re-listen to parts; or vice verse--when I try to back up it just starts over, with a really long intro. I want to skip ahead to where I was. It's beyond frustrating.
I'm having the same problem, only it's with rewinding a track via-notification on android.