Chromecast and Soundcloud Go(+)

  • 5 March 2017
  • 2 replies

Hi, using Chromecast with Soundcloud (Android) seems to be very buggy.
Soundcloud Go Songs won't play when casting (they play without using the cast button). When I deactivate the cast and activate it again while playing the song, it works but only the first 30 seconds of the song are playable (like the preview thing you get without Soundcloud Go).
When already casting and trying to play a Go-Song, the track won't open at all, it just says "Track can't be transferred" (I'm german, so orignally: "Track kann nicht ├╝bertragen werden.").
I also want to note that the app very often stops playing songs in a playlist (or from my likes) when using Chromecast, while when casting all my audio to chromecast using Google Home, it works very fine.
Last but not least, I still get Soundcloud Go Ads in the App (on booting the soundcloud app).

And yes, I already restarted my phone, I have these issues for weeks.

2 replies

I have the same issue and I don't know what we can do to solve it.
Everyone can help us please ?
I am having the same problem. Several tracks will not play and gives the same message as above. My assumption is there is some issue with the app not recognizing the go+ status. Has anyone found a solution for this?