Could you help me when did you warn me previous many times please??

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Could you help me when did you warm me previously many times please?
I've got this message from you. But I have no idea when I received your warning.
and I didn't know that you have a term of limited free speech either...
IF I would have known that, then I would make a less comments and tell my friends that I couldn't make a number of comments.
Because of soundcloud community building.

I need to be unblocked as soon as possible.
If I posted wrong place, could you tell me where to go please?
Thank you.

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Same thing happened to me. Soundcloud sucks. The community rocks but the people behind the curtain suck. I've been paying for this service for six years and I get blocked from commenting and I was not doing anything out of the ordinary.
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Ah, Glad to hear that someone had the same thing,
Thank you for your replying.
Have you got any warning message from soundcloud??

I agree with you.
They shouldn't block the comments without warning or the person do nothing.
Before blocking people's comments, SC should be make a right judge on that.
shouldn't reply on number of comments or similar actions.
If they want to do that,
They should give us a warning widow says " you have making too many comments or similar action, you would get blocked."
But there was NONE.
So I would like to know when did they give us warning previously many times....
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May I also add my voice to the above posts?

I received the same message when trying to comment on a track just now. Contrary to what the message conveyed,I have had no warnings whatsoever,the message telling me I can't comment for 3 days is the only one I have been sent.

I always listen to each track I comment on,often several times. Soundcloud is my first port of call for listening to music,perhaps this is a mistake or an IT glitch?
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And unfortunately, this is more of a support group than “support.” I think it’s highly unlikely that any SoundCloud representative will help. Time to check out Bandcamp.
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Hey Davey, love your music. Maybe their testing a new algorithm? Well, it’s broke. These clowns need to get it together.
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[sound FX: crickets]
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Just put the same complaint up, I can handle a mistake but no tech support when I'm paying £75 a year - unacceptable
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Thank you for adding your comments.
It could be a bug.
But this is quite rude to send a message to the people who have done nothing wrong.
Without waring and blocking people's comments are not on.
They must check and fix the issue, if it's a bug.
If they did nothing, then, time to move out.
But, No help from soundcloud representative then what is this HELP community for?
Normally this type of forum can be watched by programmer or supporter
or beta tester to see the problem... let community work free??

Soundcloud think that they have sent warning message to us many times.
But we haven't got any warnings. this is I want to make it clear...

They should make it specific how many times If we make a comments after we get blocked.
They should give us example.
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Time lag... sorry,
Thanks for complaining up.
It is unacceptable if there is no support.
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Thanks Adam,dig your stuff too. This situation is all a bit disappointing.
Just want to add my voice, same here... haven't written any comment the last 12 hours, logged in, wanted to thank somebody for the comment... and bam, blocked without warning....
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Thank you for adding your comments.
That's not right. without warning and blocking comment is big issue.
Soundcloud must fix that issue.
Add me to the list of frustrated users. I've only been here for 18 months. But in that time, I've never received a warning message, since I've followed their suggested networking methods exactly. Then this morning, the very first song I opened, listened to and commented on got me flagged with the same 'blocked' message. It has to be a glitch.

Hopefully they have enough common sense to apologize to the community for the bugs in their system. This one is huge, and leaving us all feeling slapped in the face when we're trying to play by the rules is not the best business practice. 🙂
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Common sense is in short supply at the SoundClown headquarters.
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I am new to be here to bring this issue.
Until then I was happy user.
But this blocking comments without warning and no reason thing are wrong.
I totally agree with GrevusAnjl
Thank you for adding your comments.
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I'm getting private messages from all of the SoundClouders that I normally communicate with on this platform saying that they've also been blocked. These people are NOT spammers.

Dear SoundCloud, it's not us, it's you.

You don't muzzle your BEST USERS in hopes that we will change our behavior. You study our behavior and you ask yourself "what is wrong with our platform such that people are not behaving the way we expect and how should WE change in order to improve the experience for them?"

I am a professional UX/UI lead at a fortune 20 company. Would you like to hop on Skype and discuss craft? Obviously your product owners could use a lesson in customer centered design. I'd entertain offers if your looking for a new UX lead. I like Germany and this platform has the potential to be not only profitable but IMPORTANT.
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I noticed only Mathis is replying to this forum but not this issue. Any of them. Why is that?
It hasn’t fixed the issue and this time gets worse.

What Adam says basic thinking and applying for IT solutions. SC is lacking?
I hope they would get contact with you.

Once again, blocking people comments without warning and no reason are wrong.
It has to be fixed.
They must make it more specific how we get blocked. No clear indication no warning no reply are really poor.

This is really bad.
But SC doesn’t think this critical issue?
I found this is Very offensive bug to get user upset.
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For some context. I had all of 11 whole comments over the course of eight hours ahead of being blocked. That's a comment every 50 minutes. The algorithm is broken. It's been sixteen hours and still no support. What a joke.
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Here's a page my wife found -
You have to access it from a Twitter account it seems, as when I did it from my computer it didn't work, but when I did it on my wife's machine I was able to file a complaint.
Who knows if it was opened by SC though? Probably just evaporated into the ether...
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Ok I don't know about you guys but I'm back on again, let's see how long it lasts. Very unhappy with SC's direct lack of support though, so am looking for alternatives come renewal time. Anyone have any suggestions for this then please let me know.
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I'm still blocked,so it looks like I'm doing the 3 days.

The thing is,Spiralizer,if you don't know what you did to get your comments blocked,then you are more than likely to repeatedly fall foul again and again. Each time the ban gets longer. All this makes the platform unusable.

Since no one has bothered to reply,it's clear they do not care.
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Oh we didn't do anything to make this happen, it's an error on their platform. None of us are spamming anyone with identical comments, we're all just continuing to do what we've been doing for years, but as you say they're not interested in communicating with us about it. I've cancelled my subscription and they just do not give a shit. How strange.
Time for a new platform that cares about it's paying users.
Same here. Haven't written any comment last 24 hours, logged in today, wanted to post a comment on a song I liked and got blocked without warning.
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Have just created accounts with '' and ''. Both sites are free and offer unlimited upload space along with similar facilities to Soundcloud(comments, downloads, buy links etc). Thanks for driving me to find these Soundcloud!
Will update this with whatever other finds I come across, and I invite everyone else to do the same:)
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hearthis has a feature which imports your entire Soundcloud profile and tracks all at once! Sweet:)