Could you help me when did you warn me previous many times please??

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Unbelievable, still NO support from soundcloud whatsoever.
I just read decent post in here.

Honestly, Soundcloud must improve this issue.
I just don't understand why this critical issue has been ignored.
Blocking comments without warning is wrong.
Explain why do we deserve to treat like this?
I wonder what they are doing at office. is closed down??

It would be appreciated If you can post about having a problem with being blocked without warning.

Yeah, Hearthisat is alternative platform.
Soundcloud is dying.
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The f*ckers have just blocked me for four hours again!
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RIP Soundcloud
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I just don'w know how it works.
Even we can't prevent ourselves from blocking.
I found it's very unfair.
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Yeah it's utterly pathetic. I'm now fully up and running on Hearthis if anyone's interested:
Hit me up when you're there:)
I was just blocked for commenting on my own damn show! I have been adding song titles to each of my shows I upload for years now and when I went in to my account to edit my own track to add this new "comment" (song title) I received the message that I had been warned before and that I am now blocked from editing my account for 3 days. Not commenting on anyone's tracks other than my own. Don't even understand this "warning" message I have supposedly received. Where is it? When did they send this? So ridiculous.
Just have to add here what I have said in another topic:

I'm still blocked, also it was said only for a day and 24hours are more than over now... the worst thing is, that I heard that other people who were unblocked, were blocked again in few hours... now I'm afraid just to say "Thank you" on a comment when I´m unblocked to get blocked again... I mean, yeah I use often the words "Thank you Max Muster" when someone comments on my track... cause... I'am Thankful!!! That's what I feel and has nothing to do with spamming... when a "Thank you" is a reason for blocking... and I guess no one feels harassed by these two little meanful words, or spammed or facing a bot.... then there is something really going wrong here!
Thank you.

P.S.: Do I have to be afraid now saying this to people commenting on my tracks?
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Yeah it's utterly pathetic. I'm now fully up and running on Hearthis if anyone's interested:
Hit me up when you're there:)

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I think I deleted my post by mistake...
I will post this again.

Dear @Mathis
You seems to be the only one who look after this community.
Could you bring this issue up to soundcloud programmer team please?
Being block without waring should be fixed. or could you explain what is going on please?
Is it too much ask?

1. Please check Your Auto block system that people get banned from.
*we don't deserve this treatment.
2. Please make it clear the rule. How many times comments or repost a day, we get blocked and how to recover.

People who have posted in here don't deserve to be blocked.
Especially saying "thank you" and getting blocked. that is not nice is it?
Waiting for 2 days making a few comments and be blocked again is not right is it?

I will rise this issue until get solved.
Blocking comments without warning is wrong.
Prove us that when you have warned us that we are making comments too many times please?
If you can't, Please improve this issue.
If you can't improve, Please make sure the rules.
How many comments and repost a day would get blocked.
How many days we have to wait to be recovered.
after recover How many comments we can make. etc.

You have limited our comment without hearing what users think. so you should make it clear the rule and explain us.
That's your duty isn't it? I just don't under stand why ignore this.

Thank you.
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Add me to the list of users frustrated by this!
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Soundcloud doesn't care this issue that we actually haven't got any warning and being blocked.
They think we can be released from blocking after a couple of days.
It's not important for them whether we deserve to be blocked or not.
They don't care people get blocked who make a comments genuinely after listen to the music.
Even they can't be bothered to turn up and say sorry for the massive cock up.
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I waited for 5days to make a comments to make sure that I wouldn't get blocked again.
Now I can make a comments but I have no idea when I get blocked again or How.
When you prohibit people to make a comment with wrong reason and
There is no chance to communicate with your support team are pretty much shit.
Funny thing is @ mentions features is not working.
This issue has been ignored by moderator.
I am not sure soundcloud has support team or not.
but support team should look after community like this. just lurking is not helping frustrated users.
All I can say is blocking wrong people is absolutely cock up.
You made wrong judgement and no apology to the people you wrongly blocked are utterly diabolical.
Marketing wise, ignoring customer user is not smart move.
So, All in all, No worth to post in here.

If you get blocked, Just wait for 3-5 days. Don't expect soundcloud to help.
The best thing is to do, Don't make a comments on soundcloud. Just keep a quiet.
Don't say "Thank you" repeatably. Even though you get a nice comments from your follower.
you might want to reply to your followers but just don't. You may get blocked because of that.
Similar action would get blocked. (Say "Thank you"??? spam??? ridiculous!!)

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