Deleted tracks saved offline

  • 25 July 2017
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Hi! I recently noticed that a group of artists I listen to, the Higher Brothers, profile disappeared. I was worried, so I looked around to see if anyone had noticed this. I couldn't find anything. I then realized their tracks would be gone as well. I have some of their tracks saved on my phone through SoundCloud GO and I was wondering if I go online will those tracks will be gone even though I have saved them?
I DO know; however, that if I were to turn cellular data OFF and not connect to wifi on my phone, they will stay on my phone. This will only work, of course, if you haven't opened the SoundCloud app after the profile "disappeared"(which I haven't). I can even look at their profile and see the tracks that they have posted and the songs that they have liked. I have screenshots. I knew this would work in theory because I previously used a SoundCloud GO free trial, where my trail ended but my saved tracks were still saved. This was because I didn't want to use data and my wifi was out.
I will re-ask my question, "Will the tracks that have been deleted, still be downloaded on my phone if I go online?"
Thanks and have a great day!

1 reply

It seems that, yes you are able to still listen to the tracks. It may just be voodoo magic for me though.