Does a saved playlist still stream when connected to data?

  • 17 February 2017
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Basically the title. If I saved a playlist for offline listening, is that playlist always played as if I am offline (so doesn't stream/no data use) or does it just make the playlist available to listen to when I actually am offline, and still stream it when I'm connected to data (cell or WiFi)?

Context for question: I use SoundCloud while I run so need to keep data on for GPS tracking, but was wondering if I could cut out the data that SoundCloud uses by saving the playlist for offline listening.

2 replies

Have the same question, but for apple device.
And i guess you can play offline on android devices, but with the recent update, im not quite sure.
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Hi there,

Once you've synced it for offline listening, it should only play from your local storage actually. If in doubt, test it by temporarily disabling your data for the purpose of troubleshooting. :-)