FEATURE REQUEST: Native Equalizer OR Audiobus support

Depending on the source audio and listening setup, I occasionally experience clipping (incredibly irritating). I can tell that a small EQ tweak would eliminate this clipping since it only occurs on a small range of frequencies.

I have been looking for this feature for YEARS and I have read other posts across the web from others requesting the same (again, for years). It would be really great if EQ settings were built into the native app so that I didn't have to use an alternative app (with less functionality) just to get an EQ on tracks.

But I realize that developing this feature would sap time and energy from developing other things and could possibly introduce bugs and increase application maintenance.

ALTERNATIVELY, it would probably be much simpler to develop a hook for Audiobus to snag the SoundCloud app's audio as an input source. If that were available, then it would be possible for users to add an equalizer layer to the audio chain before it "leaves" the device (using Audiobus). This would also shield SC from any liability claims, such as "wahhh ur super bass eq wrecked mah speaker."

PLEASE consider developing this Audiobus hook: it probably wouldn't require much time/energy to develop, would make a lot of people VERY happy, and keep them in your app instead of using Soundy (or jailbreaking their phone to get system-wide eq settings).

I _want_ to use the SC app for its robust discovery features, but sometimes I have to choose between the SC app and Soundy simply for lack of an EQ feature.

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