Help, GarageBand Upload to SoundCloud Failed

So I've made a bunch of music and want to upload to SoundCloud, I made them by using GarageBand and tried to upload them to SoundCloud. But everytime I try to it fails and tells me to check my account details, can anyone help me out with this problem?

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i also made songs with garage band but it lets me upload them fine, do you export the song to ops before uploading it???
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Hey DannyG,

It looks like your email address wasn't properly confirmed so far. This will cause third party apps to fail uploading to your SoundCloud account, as our system requires a confirmed email address in order to upload. Try again now - hopefully it'll work :)

i need help as well
I've been trying to upload my song to souncloud from the GarageBand app and everytime it says "Soundcloud upload failed" I confirmed me email so it shouldn't be that problem. What should I do?
This is happening to me to and making me really angry that I just got the Pro version ! So I prob will back out of soundcloud now. I have been uploading all year with no issue, I purchase the app, now I can’t upload and says it fails and check my login details, which I have done 8 times and no luck. Regret 😞
Still nothing on this ?
i use this as a way to promote, share and in a way make money. If Soundcloud can’t fix something like this after I have paid to use the app then I’m out ! Bye all
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Same probably worked fine tell today already confirmed it just keeps tell me invalid scope
II keep getting keep getting invalid scope and it tells me my credentials are wrong what do I do
I have a problem where I can’t upload a song from GarageBand to soundcloud because it says unable to upload check account details, and I’ve tried multiple ways to fix this. Please help thank you.
yea im having the same problem like it litarlly uploaded one of my songs a few minutes ago and now its not working
It won’t let me go to where you actually upload it it says check account details and upload again