I can’t login with my iPhone 6

There are people who has the same issue with me. I cant login to SC app. It says “Are you sure you entered the right email and password?”. I changed my password 3 times and it still doesnt respond. I reinstalled the app it didnt do anything. I joined a lot of topics in this site and the moderators do nothing except forwarding(?) us to useless topics. My cousin has this issue too. So for God’s sake fix this issue! @Mathis

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I'm having the same issues on a android phone. Soundcloud service lagging behind?
The same problem. I have been writing here for several days, but the problem is not being solved
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Hi there,

Does this issue persist? If so, please try deleting the app, restart your phone, the download the app again for a fresh start. Hopefully, this will sort out any glitches. Please note that if you have a SoundCloud Go/ SoundCloud Go+ subscription, you will need to re-download your content for offline listening.

All the same does not come, the problem remains
After deleting and reinstalling the app, the problem was gone. I can now login. Pretty weird way to force an update. 😛
I have the same problem. Rebooting the phone and reinstalling the application does not help. (((
I have the same on iPhone7
same here.!
Change your IP address (toggle WiFi or use a VPN) and try again.

You will find when connecting from a computer on the same IP address that a CAPTCHA is displayed. This is breaking app login.