iOS app laggy loading, and crashing every 2-4 minutes

  • 16 January 2018
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During the past six months, the soundcloud app on iOS has taken at least 20-40 seconds to load and switch songs when one is midway through playing, and a new one is selected. In the past month or so I have given up using the app, not only because it takes too long to boot, is far to laggy to start playing tracks, has connection issues when I am connected to fast wifi and cellular data, and now crashes within 2-5 minutes of opening. Very disappointing as I have been using soundcloud for over 3 years now, had soundcloud go for at least 3 months, and previously it was the only source I used to both find and listen to music. Have just taken out a youtube red account and spotify premium so that i can listen to music on my phone. Am limited to using soundcloud on my laptop, which is not my preferred mode of listening.

0 replies

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