Issues with unliking songs

  • 16 September 2015
  • 5 replies

on my soundcloud app on the iPhone, a lot of the time it won't let me unlike a song that is liked. a lot of the time the song has gone away so it isn't even able to be listened to. when I go on my computer, the song is unlike. can this be fixed or fixable?!

5 replies

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Hi Megann,

Try deleting the app and reinstalling it to get the glitch sorted.

It's getting annoying to have to do this every time this happens.
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It's getting annoying to have to do this every time this happens.
Hi Huubie,

We're still facing sync issues between web and mobile I'm afraid. If updates from your web browser are not coming through on your phone, please try doing a hard refresh - pulling down on your Collection page until you see a spinning wheel - and see if your playlists show.

done it . but still not solved
So, why aren’t you updating or fixing issues from 3-4 years ago? You have no good customer service. When you say use the helpful tips or whatever it’s called, they just link you back to the same pages and then ask if this helped? No it didn’t fucking help because the owners of this app aren’t helping themselves. I’ve noticed on multiple reply’s from you that you just dodge really helping anyone and just tell them to help each other and use your useless help center. Like come on man it’s been 3-4 years and I’m still have these same issues over and over. It’s not like you don’t know about them either cause you reply to them when people complain. I try unliking/liking a song for example and it doesn’t work. When you seen people complain about the same issue, what was done about it? Not a damn thing. Better how nobody wises up cause you’re in trouble with this broken ass app you have yet to fix. My proof is the post I see from different years and people about the same things over and over and all you say is “use the help center” as if that shit works. Get it together.