Latest update (4.10.0) - reloads instead of keeping track of progress

  • 3 October 2016
  • 1 reply

Soundcloud for iphone. v4.10.0.
I use Soundcloud to listen to various podcasts. I listen for awhile, stop to do other things, and then come back to continue listening. It seems as though, with the latest release, Soundcloud no longer allows to continue on the track I was previously enjoying. Once the app is in the background or other apps are used, it reloads. So, then I need to scan down the the podcast I was listening to. Find the track I was listening to. And then guess where I left off. I used to simply be able to bounce back to Soundcloud and hit play. Is this change by design? Is there something I can change to let it persist my previous position in a podcast?
Thanks for your help.