Mobile App Sign In Not Working

  • 9 November 2017
  • 12 replies

I am unable to sign in to my mobile application (on iOS). It signed me out then wouldn't let me sign back in. I also have tried changing my password, in case I had forgotten it. There is no issue logging in to the desktop web version with my new password. I just keep getting an alert that says "Are you sure you entered the right email and password?" when on the mobile application.

12 replies

I'm having the same problem, except that I'm using an Amazon Kindle Fire. Each time I try to sign in on the app, it just says "Error We couldn't sign you in. Sure you have the right email and password?". I am 100% sure that I put in my account information correctly. I also made a second account using my school email, and I tried signing in the app using that account multiple times, but it just said the same thing. On my original account (the one I am using now) I have tried changing my password more than once. One of the times that I tried changing it I clicked the box that said "Also sign me out everywhere", and it still doesn't work. I have also tried uninstalling it (multiple times) and signing back in, along with clearing all the app data in my device settings. I used Soundcloud Go+ and then downgraded to Soundcloud Go, and it still doesn't work. It works perfectly fine on the website though. Until the problem gets fixed, just go to your browser, go to the soundcloud website, click "desktop site" (you might have to search for it), and then you can stream songs as long as you have wifi, but it's still not as good as using the mobile app.
Searched the forum and I see few posts and no fixes/answers for this. I'm using a Kindle Fire 7 I got a month ago. The Sound Cloud app is doing the same thing to me. Sign in and it says, "We couldn't sign you in. Sure you have the right email and password?" I just signed in with the same info on desktop with no problems. Sure, I can use the regular site on my tablet, but what's going on with this app? I'd love to use the app. Sound Cloud, please fix! Thanks.
Soundcloud hurry up and fix this app sign in problem. Very annoying i logged out and now can't back in through the app. Whats the point of having an app if we cant use it
Same here. Every time I try to sign in through my Kindle, it just says it couldn't and asks if I put in the right email and password, even though I know I put in the right info. The strangest part is that much like @Hey_Look_Who_It_Is, this only affects my Kindle; I can log in on my phone and my laptop no problem, it's literally just my Kindle that has this issue.
This is super annoying that I can't sign in on my kindle, and super inconvenient that I have to have multiple devices just to listen to something! Soundcloud needs to fix this.
Yeah man idk what yall got goin on but it needs to be fixed because im komin up on soundcloud & its annoying when i changed my password twice to login then go on the app & it keeps tellin me error kike something is wrong when there isnt . My tape is dropping this month and idk how yall expect me to check on it or other accounts to access it if we cant even access our accounts on the mobile phones . Im sure other artist feel the same way
Android, iphone, kindle, iPad, whatever the case may be it needs to be fixed for all devices foreal.
Same here...soundcloud pls fix it
Please correct this, same problem
omg, dear soundcloud fix it... please... its been a year at this point and still no bug fix with the login soooo.....fck you Nosoundcloud 🙂