Mobile track time off.

  • 13 September 2016
  • 3 replies

Whenever I play a song it moves along the time line too fast and the song stops before it finishes.

3 replies

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Hi Louie,

When posting about an issue on the forum, please provide as many details about your setup and the actual issue as possible. This way other users on the forum can try and reproduce the issue and help out.

If you're on Android, please try the things we outline here.

If you're on iOS, try deleting the app, restart your device, then download the app from the App store again.

Hope this will help with your issue.
I have the same issue, however, for me the song won't stop when the waveform finishes, it jumps back where it should be and laggs along the song. Its super annoying.
Here is my support ticket with details.
If you are looking for iPhone tracking apps then check here