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I only started encountering this problem recently, as I have been a SoundCloud user for almost a year, both on mobile and desktop. The problem is, when I either turn of my phone or close the app when music is playing, the music fades away very quickly, and ultimately, stops playing. When the app is re-opened or the lock-screen is shown, the display is still running, which includes the music-timer and pause-button, as if it were still playing. From the lock-screen, when I press the pause-button, the timer stops, and a play-button appears, which when pressed, starts the song over again, and I can turn my phone off without the music stopping. This does not apply when the phone is unlocked, however, as the music will stop playing either way; by closing the app or having the screen turning off. Thank you to the developers of this app for all of their hard-work, and good luck to the engineers with this bug!

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Hi Toby,

Have you tried removing the app, restarting your device, then downloading the app again from the App Store / Google Play Store?

Let the community know how it went 🙂
Okay, so, I don't know exactly what happened, but it started working just fine again. I honestly have no clue, except maybe that it was conflicting with iTunes. Sorry that I couldn't get a handle on exactly what I did to fix it, but I'll let you know if it ever happens again. So strange...
Had the same issue for the first time, thanks Mathis, it works now 😎
got that problem to and cant fix it and tried everything...
android 7.0 Blackview S8
i als have the same problem renaldo but im on a pc wit windows 10
I have been having this problem, I removed the app restarted the phone installed SoundCloud but still have problems, as soon as I love my screen music goes off
Okay thank
Thing is, i’ve Encountered a similar glitch. Whenever I keep music playing then go to another tab, in 30 seconds or so, the music fades out and just stops, even though the song hasn’t finished playing. I am on IOS and I am reporting this bug.
I have the exact same problem as AndKnuckles. Whenever I put on some music, closes out of the app, and go onto a reading app, the music fades away. I'm on IOS 10.3.3. Does anyone know how to fix this?
same problem on a PC... I've shared my music and was wondering is it when someone else is playing it at the same time. Not sure, this is a new thing for me
On Android, the app stops playing music when the phone receives an sms message... It's really annoying.
I'm having this problem as well, but it only happens occasionally. Sometimes it stops after 2 minutes, but in some cases it stops after like 10-20 minutes.
Although, the most annoying part of this bug is that the song (or podcast, that I'm listening to) restarts either from the beginning or from where it was last paused.
When I'm listening to an hour long podcast it's quite hard to keep track of where I was when it stopped playing.

I've tried uninstalling the app, restarting my device and installing the app again. It didn't work.

I there any update on this issue?
I recently got this problem on Chrome aswell after it had worked perfectly for over half a year. I was in another tab, and when the music kept pausing I wen't to check and the third time I got a window saying "Paused because you started playing on another device" Since I have SoundCloud on my phone aswell I started my phone and removed the tab, and that fixed it! I have no idea why this had never happened before and obviously the phone wasn't playing anything, so probably a small bug. Sorry for being late, but if you are logged in another device you have recently used close/sign out and it will probably get fixed