Music stops when app closes?

  • 12 December 2017
  • 1 reply

Is this happening to anyone else? It's functioning more like YouTube now, which is absolutely infuriating. I want to have the music in the background even if my phone is locked.

1 reply

Hi Dima B,

Thanks for helping investigate this issue. Unfortunately this has been quite a tricky one to solve as it is only happening to a minority of users some of the time. This means that any users who are experiencing the issue can hopefully help us. Thank you for reaching out! ūüôŹ

Can you please follow these steps so I can investigate the issue:

1. Enable troubleshooting menu
- Go to the iOS device Settings -> SoundCloud (might need to scroll down a bit)
- Scroll to the bottom of the Troubleshooting section and `Enable troubleshooting menu`.
- Open the SoundCloud app
- Go to the Collection tab -> More (the "..." button, top right) -> Troubleshooting
Now you are in a state where you are ready to send us a report. This configuration should remain until you reinstall / log out of the app.

2. Reproduce the bug
Now you're ready to reproduce the bug. While reproducing the bug, the logs are being stored in the device, which you can send automatically (using the next step #3).

3. Send debug logs
- Go to the Collection tab -> More (the "..." button, top right) -> Troubleshooting
- Note down the troubleshooting id, which you need to send after below operation is performed.
- Select the "Send diagnostic information" button. Please note that, this step will crash the app; but it will send the report to the crash management system.
- Send the troubleshooting id to me via a private message.

These steps should provide us with more information, however I cannot guarantee an immediate fix.