My feedback on what soundcloud needs to do better

  • 16 July 2017
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Hi all, soundclouds a platform I care about quite a bit, its been the soundtrack provider to my life for a few years. Its quite clear its struggling at the moment, Id like to provide a few suggestions on what could be done better.

Iv put this in the mobile section, however it applies to much more. There does not seem to be a feedback or discussion section to this forum that is appropriate :(

1. The mobile app is lacking. Its impossible to get information about a track, you cant view comments, or track details such as when it was released. Its 2017, the mobile app should not be so limited.
Id like to see, less taping required to get though the menus, more useful controls and info on the player screen.
Track artwork is huge, I can only see 2 songs at a time on my mobile screen, Id like the option for just a track list of names. As well as other sorting mechanics on playlists and the stream, such as release date, alphabetical, etc (As an example of why sorting is important, Try and get to the first songs you ever liked, you'll be scrolling for an hour)
A UI mistake allot of people make these days is, less stuff on screen does not make your app more modern, it just makes it bad.

2. FLAC/Lossless streaming. The quality jump here is huge, I currently pay TIDAL $20 a month just for this. It is niche at the moment, but increasingly over the next few years it will become the standard. Id like to see soundcloud encourage files to be uploaded at this quality too.

3. Better library clarity. As a user of free soundcloud I don't see the "world largest catalogue", I just see the usual free stuff I follow. Where is this catalogue? Is there any free way to access it? If I make a playlist for a friend will they be able to access it? With Spotify its very clear what is available even to a free user, that's something that's missing here.

4. Good Versions. As a follow up to the last point. I don't actually care if the catalogue is big, I want it to be good. How is it so big? Did they figure out some cheap licensing deal and get half good versions of the songs? I want the best versions of the songs, I want to know that when I listen to a band from the 60s that has many different recordings of their track that someone has actively selected the best recording to offer me.

5. The account types are confusing. Soundcloud Go, Soundcloud Pro, Soundcloud Go Plus, Pro Plus? What? Merge them.
Premium: $7/mo
Unlimited streaming of full catalogue, no ads, offline music.
and everything from the Pro account.
Professional: $12/mo
Everything above, plus:
Higher quality streaming and the additional Pro+ stuff.

This way you turn your user base into a producer base, but more importantly you turn your producer base into a user base.

6. Buy bandcamp (or team up with them), you need a better way for people to buy/sell and download music. They have the best matching service for you guys. Offer discounts to premium account holders, like amazon prime.

7. Buy pandora (or team up with them), their radio service beats the pants off spotify, tidal and apple. Combined with your library that would be amazing. Merge the pandora premium features into your premium accounts.

Right, this has taken about an hour to write up, and its about all I can think of for now, I hope its useful to the developers here, and I have explained everything clearly.

2 replies

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Spotify and Apple Music sucks in lack of music diversity and quality. They do not compare to Soundcloud at all
I use to wonder why SoundCloud even thought it to be okay to decide some songs--the popular ones, were ones that could only be played with a Pro account (some account that requires paying). I understand it creates an incentive to want to upgrade from the free account, but it ends SoundCloud's ability to compete as music streaming service. Limiting access to popular music turns SoundCloud into a website for discovering underground artist, rather than a place to stream all music.

But then I went to provide feedback and found nothing, with is just amazing to me. How can you provide a service that your users will enjoy if you aren't even trying to listen to what they think is the next step for the site?