No update for app? Kindle Fire HD

  • 30 March 2017
  • 3 replies

When I open the Soundcloud app it tells me that my version of the app is old and to download the new version, but there isn't a new version of the app on the Amazon app store.

App version: 2016.5.30-release
Device: Kindle Fire 8 HD

Will there possibly be an update in the future? 🙂

3 replies

:D:? I have the same issue on Android, and while everyone is getting it, most probably ignore the error.

The Google Play Store is the one I have installed.

No reply from 'support' yet.
last developer update of soundcloud app in amazon app store is august 19, 2016, still shows as "currently unavailable" --

so, is it soundcloud's or amazon's decision to leave fire device users out?
I’m still seeing the app as “currently unavailable” on my new amazon fire. Is there any potential for this to change in the near future?