Not all tracks added to a playlist on the mobile app actually stay on the playlist.

  • 9 January 2015
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28 replies

The same thing is happening for my playlists. For my friends that I share with it is also happening on their soundcloud app as well.

1. Log out of the app
2. Force stop it by going to your Application Manager and clicking 'Force Stop'.
3. Under this menu also click 'Clear Cache'.
4. Restart your device
5. Open the app and log in again

Mathis, I had similar problem and I did this on my iphone and logged out from my desktop.
When I logged backed-in, the invert of what expected happened!

Most of my tracks disappeared.

I had 14 tracks on that playlist, I can now see only 3 (the 3 ones I was seeing from my phone before logging out). And from my friend's phone, I can see 5 tracks (even if it's written 3 tracks)