• 13 November 2016
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i saved all my tracks over wifi for offline listening. however, once disconnected from wifi, OVER HALF of my likes unsaved themselves. so, when i reconnected to internet, those tracks began to re download like i never did in the first place. this is very upsetting. i am not paying for a streaming service that doesn't even do what it says it does.

4 replies

I have the same problem this piece of crap is NOT worth $14!!
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Hi there you two,

Sorry to hear this isn't working properly for you. Please see here for more info & troubleshooting. If this doesn't help, there's an Ask us directly button on that article to reach out to the right support team.

All the best to you
How about instead being money hungry bastards make offline listening free like it used to be. Every company has to try and come out with a cash grab when they start getting some popularity

I have the same problem on iOS. It’s very frustrating to go outside for a walk and try to play your downloaded tracks and then to discover none of them have remained available offline - they’ve all been deleted and are “waiting for Wi-Fi” to re-download.

I don’t understand why SoundCloud does this, especially when offline listening is explicitly one of the things you pay for when you have a Go+ account.

Unhappy about this behaviour :triumph: