Play MP3 in Soundcloud Via iOS APP

  • 12 March 2018
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Hi there,

I have a website of which one segment is the audio section. I intend to make an app for this site and show the audios as well. I have an unlimited premium account with soundcloud where i have 830 tracks uploaded as of now. I need it to be shown in the ios app. but somehow the url of the audios are not .mp3 extension links.

how can i get them?
something like below from soundcloud is what i need of all my uploaded tracks.

Also, all the URLs should be accessible in JSON format via webservices.

kindly guide.

mahatma das

5 replies

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Hi there,

Hmm, not entirely sure if I understand your query correctly, but it sounds like you're looking for direct URLs to the mp3 files. This is not something we support. However, you might still be able to achieve this by making use of your RSS feed.

1. Add your tracks to your RSS feed.
2. Copy your feed URL ( and paste it into a new browser window address field. Hit enter. You'll see a bunch of text.
3. search for the .mp3 URL in your feed.

Clearly more of a workaround than an actual feature, but maybe it does the trick for you.

same problem!

did you write to them also...?
any reply yet?

No reply as yet...:(
any reply yet?
same problem!