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  • 30 July 2018
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Good morning!
I'm a good ios developer. I listen to SoundCloud for about 2-3 years and I'm delighted with this service! I often install the beta version of the operating system on my phone and the mobile application SoundCloud often does not work correctly for them. So I often use the browser, but at work, I often have to close it, reauthorize ... I'm dreaming of a good application for my MacBook. Today I had a huge desire to reassess myself and many users by writing a SoundCloud player for mac os x, but I was very sad when I saw that registration of new applications is prohibited. Please, very much I ask to allocate to me a place under one application mac os x (Also, I'd like to make apps for iOS and apple watch). You will make my day happy!

1 reply

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Hi Eduard,

Unfortunately, this program is currently closed and there are no immediate plans to open it again for developers to use the api. If this is subject to change though, we'll be sure to let our community know here.