Pre load tracks and offline play

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Is already fix this? I live in a country that i dont have the app soundcloud go, so... i forced to be in this problem for all time.

Tell me if someone have news about this.
Nothing has changed and soundcloud continues to ignore the base community. Soundcloud for the free user, likely 99% of people is catered for a streamlined experience only.
Thanks man. I have just use podcast and helps me a lot. I listen set and tracks from someone artist when im traveling at work, use subway and dont have connection in some station... so podcast save my life.

May I ask you which music app you are using now? If u use Apple Music or Spotify Music, that might be difficult for they both DRM protected. However, for Spotify Music, you can enjoy offline Spotify Music now for you can convert them by converting to common-used file format via TuneFab Spotify Music Converter.

I honestly just download the albums I like in a zip file and extract it on my phone. For any singles I use:
Unless you're really involved in the music community I recommend not paying for offline access.
Even you are the premium member, your Spotify Offline playlists are also forbidden to play on other devices so you need to convert downloaded playlists to MP3.