Proxy URL / Port Whitelisting

  • 11 February 2019
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Hi Everyone,

I am a IT Technician in a school and we are trying to get Soundcloud to work via our proxy on some IPADS. and we are wondering what URLS need to be white listed for this to work.

We currently have
Whitelisted along with some of the analytical stuff that the sound cloud app seems to be requesting.

A handful of tracks play, and you can stream the entire track but you cannot skip forward, but most tracks fail to play with the error "Loading Error" With a tap to try again, which fails.
The Soundcloud website works fine through the proxy.

We are also using 4.12 due to them being old IPADS
The app works fine when the IPAD is connected to a hotspot

So i am hoping to get a list of URLS to white list,
Thanks in advance


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