RSS Feed missing tracks when submitted to Itunes

  • 5 April 2019
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When submitting my Podcast to Itunes , it is missing tracks 70-96 when viewing in Itunes feed
Indeed the tracks are on my soundcloud and are not hidden (Random thing all missing tracks was in playlist but i since removed that)

Itunes as i reached out to them stated that:

"Apple Podcasts acts as a mirror of your feed, therefore if the episodes aren't present in the feed, they also won’t be present on Apple Podcasts.

I’d suggest you work with your new host, SoundCloud, to add the episodes to your current feed."

What do i need to do?

2 replies

Any suggestions?
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Hi there,

I'm afraid this is due to the fact that SoundCloud RSS feeds can hold a maximum of 250 episodes. Once you include more, older episodes will drop off your feed. This is currently due to stability reasons and there are no immediate plans to increase this limit, however I hope this sheds some light on the root cause and I will make sure to pass on your query to our product team.

All the best