Server error message on mobile app (iPhone 6s)

  • 1 June 2018
  • 4 replies

Can’t login to Soundcloud on my iPhone. Every time I get the same message “Error We’ve has a server error. Please try again” Tried the suggestions in another thread - delete the app, restart the phone, install app again. Still not working. It’s ok if I login through the browser.
Any suggestions?

4 replies

I am having the EXACT same issue. I wrote support but, still can soundcloud fix this? I want to use my soudcloud go. I really wish this would be fixed or solved soon!
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HI there,

Hmm, does this issue persist for either of you, or could it be that it was caused by a wider temporary outage? If it persists, can you provide a screenshot of the error message?

I get the error “server error” and couldn't sign in. I wanted to use it for mobile so i tried everything and found one thing that works so you can listen to music.
Go to twitter, search SoundCloud, click on any song that someone shared to twitter, press “i already have the app”, slide down from the song, search your profile, and then you can listen to all your songs.
Note: it will keep telling you to create an account, but just keep pressing “create account” and then press cancel on the top left to keep using the app.
I’ve been having the same problem now for three days straight. On an iPhone 8+ running up to date iOS (11.4). Can log in on laptop with no issues, and can log in in Safari browser on my phone but get the server error every time I try to use the app. Running VPN and tried turning it off - no change. Deleted app and reinstalled and no change. Attached screen grab of error msg.