Some tracks on my playlist do not appear on my iPhone mobile app, but they appear on my laptop in the browser

For some reason, I cannot view all of the songs I have added to my playlist on the mobile app. I can listen and see all tracks on my laptop, but they do not appear on my mobile app. I've closed the app and re-opened it and am on wifi. I have attached screenshots of my laptop and mobile device playlists.

The app won't let anymore songs load.

The songs in the arrows are not on my mobile app playlist!

Thank you!

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I got the exact same issue, was about to post my own thread:

I have semi-recently started having problems with playlist that previously added tracks doesn't show up on the iphone app anymore in some lists.

On PC (in chrome) everything looks and works fine, but when opening the same list from the same account using the app it says 59 songs, but only shows 3, the last 3 infact. It can also only play those 3 if i try to play the entire list, before the last track was added there was only 2 so it only seems to be the most recent ones. For some reason its not showing any of the tracks added more than like a month ago on the app, but does on the computer.

Is there a hidden setting or something causing this? Maybe a bug?
Picture 1 is how the list SHOULD be (on pc).

Picture 2 is how its on the app. The playlist the song image (which is of the first song in list) is not even in the list.

Yeah mine recently started doing this too maybe a week or two ago I noticed, at least.
Exact same issue started for me too recently with one of my playlists only.
can you fix this issue please
Ya, please fix this SoundCloud.
Kinda BS to be paying $10/mo for a music service that cannot sync across platforms.. what a joke😂
Has this issue resolved for anyone as I am still having this issue? December 14th 2018
Try logging out and logging in again on Soundcloud app in your mobile. I think there might be some sort of playlist cache on your mobile that prevents playlist from being automatically refreshed.