Songs not playing

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When I try to play a song it just "loads" and never plays no matter what I do. Wifi or cellular it doesn't work.

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I am having the same issue with my iPhone after this last update
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WTF!? This has been occurring all morning! I still can't play any music, it just loads and loads and loads, can you please try to fix this issue or something,...... I'm very agitated
Same here.. my fix, logout and use without login its the only way to play songs.. 😞
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It was working at around 7 but at like 7:10 it just stopped and SoundCloud isn't doing anything to fix it.
Same, I was on the bus this morning listening to music, decided to play a different song, and it never loaded, well it did like 20 minutes later... still doesn't work 7 hours later...
Thought I was the only one btw
Same here I was playing music this morning and in the middle of the song is stopped. Then the rest of the day the music just stopped workibg.
I'm also having the same issue, I tried keeping a track on load just to test it out and it started playing after 10-20 minutes of "loading". I hope they fix this sooner or later!

Also, when the track finishes and continues to the next one, it wouldn't play at all!
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Apple Music here I come
I have the similar problem, the SoundCloud app just would not load any songs. It's strange that it had no problem loading any song covers or anything else, but the songs would not load. I've checked, it is not the internet, the app had access to the wifi and data on my phone, I can even go on chrome on my phone and go to Soundcloud and it works, but not on the app. I've uninstalled the app, restarted my phone and then installed it again, but it did not help. Someone please fix it as soon as possible because I do quite enjoy this app.
I have the exact same problem. All the songs and their album artwork load, but the songs don't play st all. There isn't even an error message.
I am also experiencing this problem and it started since yesterday morning, please fix this bug because i love soundcloud and i would hate to stop using it
Dude I'm pissed! SoundCloud needs to fix this issue stat. I need my music 😞
Same problem
Bruh this shit is pissing me the fuck off I almost hucked my phone cause the song wouldn't load FIX NOW
I am having the same problem. If I log out of my account, I can play tracks fine. so dumb.
SOUND CLOUD WHERE ARE YOU, fix this shit I'm dying in the gym without my mixessss 😭😭😭
And to all of you who are having trouble you can listen to soundcloud on safari on your phones still! Kinda sucks but if you want your music until this gets fixed that's a way! 👌
Same with me, I hadn't had the new iPhome update and it did it so I tried downloding new update and still not working. I deleted app, restarted phone, then downloaded app again and still not working.
When I try to play a song it just "loads" and never plays no matter what I do. Wifi or cellular it doesn't work. i have the same goddamn problem and soundcloud better fix this shit.
Same here I'm livid
meeeeeee toooooooo 😞
Same problem, it's been like this for about 3 days for me
Please fix this
Same problem over here, plays fine on the website but not on the app🖕
I am having the same problem as well (using android). Things I have tried that did not work: reinstalling app, clearing app data, clearing cache, logging out and logging back in, re-syncing account, re-starting app, and restarting phone.

I can't find anything conclusive to the issue, I really hope this gets resolved soon. No one using soundcloud should have to deal with this. We love music god damn it! (Although the site alone works fine, I just don't want this app to become useless.)