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Pretty pathetic. The latest update has helped but app has been crashing constantly. Takes SO long to load. Makes it practically unuseable. I have to open the app, than let it load, close it, and reopen it, and it finally opens.. cmon guys..
Yep, I can't get it to play either!
Yeah, I tried restarting my phone, clearing cache, reinstalling the app, nothing seems to work! It happened right when I saved all my songs for offline listening now my songs won't play, profile won't load, likes won't load, etc. I am on android!
Is there a customer service number we can call or only by messaging them??????
No I tried looking for a customer service number and nothing.
Same problem here, I'm hating this issue so much
this problem is still happening after 2 months?!? wow soundcloud really letting us down, yet again!
I found that the app works perfect when you are not logged in. I guess this is the best solution for now
I get it to work by pressing pause then play a couple of times and also reclicking on the song hopefully that's helps a few people 😉
[quote=AdamF]I get it to work by pressing pause then play a couple of times and also reclicking on the song hopefully that's helps a few people 😉 Also if the app isn't loading when it get like 90% full tap ur screen it's weird but has worked for me 🙂
I have joined the beta group, and installing the beta version of the app (it has the icon colour exchanged, orange cloud and white background) the problem isn't persisting and now every song plays regularly. I suppose this problem persists only for some particular Android devices, idk.
This fix worked for me out the play thingy in the middle of the song till the song starts playing then reset the song and ot should work fine.
Hey , i might have a solution for this. It works for me. -android only -

1st : make sure that the app is not working

Try to manually delete the files inside folder android/data/ then clear the app data

Then try to listen to some music , if worked , tell me 😉 i hope it works for you.

Ps , you might delete your offline music , i don't know about this freature because it's not available in my country yet ,but the listening history is auto saved in my device , don't know why,
nothing will play for several days now.
mac and chrome
When I try to play a song it just "loads" and never plays no matter what I do. Wifi or cellular it doesn't work.
This is the second day nothing will play. Its just stuck on buffering but wont start playing anything.
Yeah same for me.. Soundcloud really need to update their platform..
its been a few weeks and i still cant play a single song offline would be nice if there was a way to fix it
Mine started about a month ago.. its definitely the app. I stopped using it for a bit becuase i was in between switching phones and to my surprise, the problem still persists on my new phone!! its across the board. I tried clearing the cache with no improvement (Except once when I accidently clicked on a track that I didnt want to hear) My soundcloud go is useless at this point..
So I've sent some of my tracks to people and when they go to play it on their phones nobody is able to play it on their phone. When I go to use it on my phone, it plays. I've sent it to about 7 different people and it says "Its not playing. It takes me to the page, but never plays."
Note: I'm not using the app. I'm playing it in browser.
it still do dis. I no like. I stop using soundcloud cuz tings no play. I no happy. I no pay for soundcloud go for more than a couple months either. I loved soundcloud but it go shit and nuting work. tings loaded better on ancient shitty laptops on horrible internet plans with horrible specs and ram and tech in 2010 than they do now on i5 or i7 laptops with 16gb of ram and ssd and a 1gb internet connection at home....1gb and I cant listen to more than 3 songs without opening a new webpage everytime...which slows down my computer and internet but somehow magically loads the soundcloud page I requested.....terrible. If shit would load theyd have money from me every month for soundcloud go which I loved when it was working....*sigh* facepalm* drop mic* die*