Soundcloud app battery drain

  • 6 September 2017
  • 3 replies


I encounter a battery drain from the soundcloud app on my oneplus one. I re-installed the app several times. It seems that it appends when I add playlist with long mixtapes (more than 1h). Anyone can reproduce the same behavior ? (The app consumes as much as my screen).

3 replies

Same here, the app (IOS) is draining battery since few days. I had the app in background (not listening to anything) for whole weekend and battery raport said that soundcloud used 88% of it 😛
This is happening with my app as well buton android.
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Hi there,

Sorry to hear that. Hmm, we haven't received a lot of reports about this being an issue. Can you make sure to try and delete the app, restart your phone, (make sure you know your SIM pin if it has one), then download the app again for a fresh start? Hopefully, this will sort out any glitches.

If this issue continues afterwards, please consider joining our Android Beta program here: