Soundcloud app control bar (located in notification pull down panel) disappears

  • 18 April 2016
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Hey there, I have come across an annoying issue with the Android app. When I have the sound cloud app playing in the background, the control panel found in the pull down notification tray is present. The control panel has pause/play, skip forward and back controls, and allows a tap to go from whatever screen you are on currently , to the soundcloud app. But, if I decide to pause the current song to watch a YouTube video or something else, the control panel disappears. So when I open up the notification tray, I can no longer access the controls. This isn't a big problem, but is annoying to need to navigate back into the app to resume whatever I had paused. Is there any way to assure that the control panel remains accessible in the notification tray until the app is completely closed? I already went into the android app settings and made sure the notification box was checked. Thanks!

6 replies

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Hi there,

Thanks for your thorough report. Hmm, let's see. We've tried this here on an Android phone with Lollipop (Android 5) as an operating system and weren't able to reproduce the behavior from here.

Thus, can I ask if you've performed any of our Android troubleshooting steps yet? Maybe these can already help sorting out this issue.

Let us know how it went!

I get this all the time. It appears to be time based. Repro steps:
1. Open soundcloud app
2. Start playing something
3. Verify that the app control bar is in the notification pull down panel
4. Hit Pause
5. Go do something else on your phone, for say 10 mins
Lock your phone and simply leave it locked for 10 mins
6. Go back to the notification pull down
The app control bar has gone!
Switching process back to Soundcloud and hitting Play will make the bar come back however.

This has happened on at least 5 phones (I swap regularly) on at least 8 or 9 different builds of Android (I mod my phones a lot and I'm often trying custom builds of Android). I've seen this on Android 4, 5, 6 & 7. I've tried it on phones with 1GB RAM and ones with 4GB RAM, so it's NOT a restriction based upon free RAM. It's NOT Android killing the process because of lack of RAM. It's also not a restriction on numbers of running apps, as the problem also happens when you lock your phone for a length of time (i.e. not opening any more apps).

I'm certain that it's not a problem with android, it's the app control bar itself. My guess is that Android is simply closing it as it thinks you're done with it, and Soundcloud hasn't marked it as an "important thing" which needs to remain open. If you look at Amazon's Music app, they also have a very similar bar, and that thing sticks around no matter what happens. Can you (Soundcloud developers) please make your app control bar remain resident? There's got to be a flag you can set when you instantiate it?
Got it to work again, go to phone setttings>notifacations>soundcloud select Allow Notifacations, and Set as Priority. If it doesnt apper in notifications bar retart soundcloud. Hope this helps
Good stuff waleed.. i set the priority and voila!!! Its back again.. i lived without it for several months and was so annoyed.
Its pathetic sometimes these settings so rachet haha!

Thanks again
I'm having this issue on my OnePlus 6 on Android P. Sometimes the volume controls will disappear merely seconds after pausing my track from my bluetooth headphones, meaning that I need to take my phone out my pocket to start playing again. Other times the notification will hang around for ages.

I flat out refuse to pay anything for Soundcloud until this is fixed, it's incredibly annoying.
I was able to fix this by disabling battery optimisation for SoundCloud, hooray! Now the notification never disappears unless I tell it to.