• 5 December 2018
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Downloaded the app to my Iphone 6s on ios 12.1 the latest software. And I go to use the app not it don't work without wifi. Yes my service signal is strong 4 bars and 4G/LTE. but when i go to sign in without wifi it says "Network error" so use wifi to sign in then once signed in i switch back to 4G/LTE. i try to search a song and then it tells "X Loading error....Something went wrong" but then i switch back to wifi and search again and the song I'm searching for loads. i deleted the app and reinstalled it then i factory restart my iphone and the same thing happens! LIKE WHAT THE HECK!! HOW AM I SUPPOSE TO USE THE APP TO SEARCH A SONG AND PLAY IT WHILE I'M DRIVING ON THE ROAD???HELP!!!!!!

2 replies

I have exactly the same problem
but what is the answer to fix it
why doesn’t soundcloud answer the questions

there are are numerous of people asking the same thing but not one answer

is there another way to access the music out there
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Hey there,

Hmm, did you by any chance disable mobile data for the SoundCloud app? As an iOS user you can disable mobile network for specific apps from the Settings menu of the iPhone.

Hopefully, this will already do the trick!