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  • 15 August 2017
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SoundCloud is a amazing app to share your music but on every track the treble is to strong and the bass is flat. It's hard to enjoy the music when theres not a balance of bass and treble and it can hurt your ears sometimes. Adding a Equalizer would be an amazing feature for bass heads and people listening through earphones.

4 replies

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Hi @bompton

You are absolutely right ! Music is a personnal experience and since there is so many configuration (earphone, intra, home studio) we need to be able to personnalise our experience so I will copy-paste my replie on another thread.

I'm also into fine tuning my music experience. I used to be a premium on Deezer (they have an equ), Spotify (they have an equ), I use BOOM 2 on my macbook pro and I also thinking of buying an external EQU and AMP. So it is just to let you know how it is important to personnalize my music experience with a equalizer for me and since HI-FI is a big market i might not be the only one.

I really love SC and an equalizer is a really useful functionnality but please do something with a beginner mode and a more advanced one because since many producer work on the full audible sound from 20hz to 20,000hz, it make no sense to personnalize from 50hz to 10,000hz by example.

We should be respectful of their work. 🆒
This is a no-brainer.
I use Soundy for this case. This app has 10-band equalizer with custom presets, playback speed control, crossfade playback. Very cool experience. You can get it here:
No AirPlay 2 support?