Soundcloud EXTREMELY slow

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I've noticed over the past few weeks soundcloud has been increasingly unstable and very slow, infact unbareably slow, so slow I've reached wits end. I've used soundcloud for the past 3 years and been subscribed to soundcloud GO for about a year which was brilliant to begin with but now I'm beginning to question whether it's worth it.

Songs take forever to load, even ones I've downloaded... completely defeats the purpose of Soundcloud GO. The app crashes, lags for up to 30 seconds before it crashes, sometimes songs won't load whatsoever. I've deleted the app numerous times, restored my iphone and I'm about to give up. I'd stop my subscription but other music providers are a no go for me since they lack in comparison to soundcloud and I can think of anything worse than the cancerous ads soundcloud has.

Is this just me, has my phone just randomly became faulty or is this a common occurrence to everyone?

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No you're not alone, and I am shocked that more people haven't complained about this. Actually, searching for this issue and other people's input is what brought me to this post. The app is practically unusable on my iPhone 7.
Same here... started the free trail months but couldn't really use it so far 😕 definitely sux
Ya its absolutely ridiculous. Obnoxiously slow. After years and years of dedication to soundcloud, paying for soundcloudgo i am on the verge of leaving. Get it together soundcloud
Weeks ago this problems seem resolved. Today it happens again, I'd delete app then restored it (and I'd wait for more 30 minutes to finished while my wifi connection still good)
They should be fucking fixing this immediately like seriously its so slow and buggy they need to fix the efficiency of the code and spend more money on their servers like seriously if chance has to fucking bail them out dont be cutting corners if you really want this company to survive like i love soundcloud but they are seriously fucking up with the ads and the slow ass interface

Please work on this.
wtf EVEN on a pc this is slow.... get it together soundcloud. ITS DEFINITELY on your end... 100 mbps internet here, and im waiting forever to hear music, and sometimes the it won't even play. Google asks me to kill the page cause it becomes unresponsive, this is unacceptable, I'm sure glad im not an artist posting on here, lol you must be joking!
NOW NOTHING PLAYS, IT SHOWS IT PLAYING, WTF? IM ON A GODDAMN PC, WTF IS GOIN ON HERE! almost time to seek out a new place to go ..... this is fucking garbage bullshit!
It's honestly ffing ridiculous. I was actually kinda looking forward to Soundcloud going down and everyone moving somewhere else because of this issue. It is infuriating.
The same is happening for me. I found out it's because when I go to my likes, soundcloud is loading up ALL my likes, and I have hundreds if not more than a thousand, so it's loading them all. On the upper right where it says "search", if i type something in to minimize what's being loaded, it frees up loading time and soundcloud runs perfect again. This only happens when I'm using soundcloud on my PC, not my iphone.
I agree that Soundcloud loads very slow. My connecion is most of time very stable and fast. (100mbits/s)
The problem must be solved as fast as possible.
I'm experiencing the same issue. In fact, I've experienced this issue consistently for a year now on Android! At least on my Nexus 6P and my friend's iPhone, starting playback takes anywhere from 4 to 8 seconds! The same issue occurs when changing the track manually when a song is playing. Every. Single. Time.

Jesus christ guys, I sympathize with all the developer layoffs and such but really, your product just cannot be this painful to use.
it is so extremly slow in my browser, clicking play and firefox hanging up for like 3 or 5 seconds on a contemporary, fast business notebook, also on my work notebook, that i frequently switch to mixcloud or youtube.

wouldnt it be better if you shut the enterprise down? the business gap for soundcloud is narrow, most people dont want your payment offers, the system is not working properly.. maybe just leave it as a chapter in computer history.
Having the same problem almost won't upload at all what is going on?
Yes omg I switched to Spotify because it LITERALLY (not exaggerating) takes 10-15 seconds to play the song that I tap on for the mobile app. Meanwhile Spotify plays it as soon as I touch the song. And on top of that, soundcloud takes longe to load the songs, its so obnoxiously slow
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It takes me 10 minutes to start the app for the first time of the day. Changing songs takes 2-3 minutes on average. Loading playlists and likes takes between 2-8min. In addition, the app often crashes for no reason without user interaction while playing a song. I've never had so much aggression from an iOS before, until SoundCloud came. The app used to be much better. I am using the iPhone 6.
Same here. I am a soundcloud Go subscriber but the app is close to unusable which makes it hard not to think about going back to the free version.
I am experiencing a lot of lagging lately. Even when my phone is in WiFi and very good connection. The problem seems to be with soundcloud.
Same problem here - especially bad over the last two years. Main reason is because Souncloud is including mafia sites which pre-load Pigware: addware, tracking schemes & other garbage that's irrelevant and aggravates the hell out of users, making pages very slow to load.

Another scheme is OS-shaming, which Apple's been doing since it's inception, and now others are following this idiocy. Companies want users to 'upgrade' hardware & software every 6 months whenever coding nerds comes out with a 'revision', so those with older programs & machines suffer more of the worst of these symptoms. Google & Facebook are particularly egregious for the above ploys. Experienced users hate Mark Suckerberg and his simpleton cult, which is embodies inefficiency. Facebook is the vacuum tube technology of the internet. No reason it's invasive spam should have anything to do with SoundCloud or BandCamp. Same goes for Google's creepy bean counters.

All this crap results in SoundCloud sites taking forever to load and music sticking, instead of playing smoothly. I've been a longtime fan but am very disappointed with it.

To all you hotshot coders out there, someone could create a possible solution: offer users a more efficient blocking program. Current ones take just as long to load sites while blocking the spam...there must be a better way!
I have a newer Sony XZ1 and soundcloud is pretty much useless. almost all podcasts I hear on is lagging and there is no way to buffer them not too either...
2 updates later the app still crashes all the time, it's impossible to play a whole song without a crash. I have talked about several friends who have the same issue and want to cancel their subscription. I don't understand why you are not communicating about a problem that has such a big impact.
Next time you visit a website, look at your status bar to see all parasitic pigware being loaded by Google, FaceBook, and other creepy trackers.

A site specializing in music shouldn't tolerate this because of all the negative effects. BandCamp isn't as bad, but a big reason the internet in general has slowed down is because many sites have been incorporating useless pigware.
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We, too, are experiencing the same problems with the app since the upbeat – really slow loading, playing, and saving and constantly crashing after playing one or two songs. Curious to know if you actually test the app before putting out the updates publicly.
Recently I’ve been having these problems but they weren’t that bad and happened rarely, now the app has been become almost unusable. It takes forever to load the actual app and then forever to play a song and then it crashes. It’s near impossible to use now.
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8 months on and its only gotten worse, won’t be renewing my subscription. It’s slower than ever, takes 3 minutes to open the app, doesn’t even play the correct song and if it does it takes 5 minutes to load. I pay monthly for songs I’ve downloaded to be randomly deleted. Somehow they’ve managed to make it even more unbearingly slow than before...

Calling it quits, going back to downloading all my songs again like the old days.
:? 24 complaints and SoundCloud hasn't said a word? Thought this might be related to the outage they marked as resolved 48 hours ago, but not sure after reading this thread. Made the mistake of logging out and trying to get back in has been a huge PITA. Just spins and spins and *drains my phone battery*. C'mon, SoundCloud... do something already, will ya? At least acknowledge it's an issue for iOS users and you're investigating?