SoundCloud GO Device Issues

  • 11 July 2017
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Hello! I have had SoundCloud Go for the past few months, and can say I have honestly had no problems (Up to this point). Two friends of mine currently use my SC Go on my account, and we didn't encounter any problems UNTIL two of us (myself included) got new phones, but never "officially" signed out of SoundCloud on the old devices. Now, while two of us can listen to music, one (this time me) keeps being automatically signed out of Soundcloud every time I open the app. This is after I acknowledge the "You've Reached Your Device Limit" pop-up and register regardless, if I close the app I get the notification that Ive reached my device limit and I need to resign in. This happens every.single.time. I was wondering if there is any way I can reset my account and sign out of every device or manage them in some way, or find some solution so we can all listen to our music again. Thank you!

IN SHORT: How do I manage, or remove devices from my SoundCloud Go, and how do I fix an error where I reach my Device limit and am removed every time I open the app?

6 replies

SIDENOTE: The error message reads: Error, we have to log you out of your account due to an error, please log back in again
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Hi there Nicky,

Please see here for more information:

I have now reset your device limit for a fresh start.

Oh my goodness please help me my soundcloud is my life... Just like other people it keeps logging me out because ive reached my subscription limit and i have tried everything to fix it so now im just stuck. And yes i also got a new phone so maybe thats why
I have exactly the same issue, my phone keeps logging out of soundcloud automatically because i have reached my maximum number of registrations. Can this be fixed somehow?
Is there no customer service phone number we can call????