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Is there a way to direct offline content to an sd card rather than phone's internal memory? Thanks.

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Hi there,

Closing this topic - this feature has been implemented on the Android app. Please see here for more info.

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I am having the same proplem with my new phone oppo f1s.
I tried what you said but didn't work.
Hope you solve it fast.
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Hi there,

Closing this topic - this feature has been implemented on the Android app. Please see here for more info.

We need this feature! I'm not buying GO+ until I can download my songs to my sd card...
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Hey Dre,

Sorry to hear you are facing this issue. If the issue persists after deleting the app, restarting your phone, then reinstalling, please let us know your device model and operating system so we can report to our engineers.

Other than that, here's some more info around offline listening, and how to troubleshoot it.

Hope this helps!


Not that I can say. Do you mean for individual songs (e.g. Song "xyz (PREVIEW)")?
Hey I've a question, as a Soundcloud Go user does "PREVIEW" come in your end?

B ~

The issue revolves around being able to 'save' songs offline onto my Android device. Basically, pressing the save offline option does not work when pressed. I get a solid grey arrow next to the selected song indicating that have no internet connectivity when in fact I've exclusively tried to save songs over my home Wi-Fi. Any ideas as to what the problem might be?
Note: I recently reinstalled the app (+ cleared the app cache) and now *all* my previously offline playlists are now only available online. Bit miffed, mainly because I am a Soundcloud Go subscriber and it's been a seamless experience thus far. However, with this development it kind of defeats the point of having a subscription in the first place.
I never really gave it much thought initially, but over the course of past few days the problem has persisted. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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I was one of the first to comment on this thread. I just wanted to let everyone know I have signed up for spotify premium instead since this has not been fixed and there has been no update from Soundcloud. Everyone I know uses soundcloud downloaders and free accounts if they aren't on spotify. What a waste.
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Here's the new thread:

Let's hope someone's going to read it!
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I only recently found out about SoundCloud Go and was happy to learn that I would finally be able to listen to music offline, now also as a german user.

However, when I got the Go subscription I was shocked to learn that there is no way for me to designate the sync storage location to an SD card. I have minimal internal space, since my phone is not of the newest variety and I am not willing to waste a ton of money on something with adequate internal storage space, since I have the ability to simply expand mine with an SD card.

What I want to say is: I am not able to use the offline sync feature, the only feature that I need from SoundCloud Go, which is also the only feature that I am willing to pay monthly subscription fees for. Which means: For some of us, Go is completely useless.

A thread discussing this problem was opened eight month ago, was flagged as solved after a moderator said he'd relay the issue, but nothing happend.

Can we get an update on whether this issue will be adressed? This is the only thing that I care about in Souncloud Go. I love Soundcloud and the music community it helped create. I discovered an endless stream of fantastic music that I'd never find anywhere else. It provided thousands upon thousands of musicians with a platform to share their art and make new friends to create even more fantastic music in collaboration.

This small feature would make my experience with soundcloud complete, since I finally wouldn't have to stop listening to music when offline. Is that too much to ask or too hard to understand?
Go ahead and start a new thread I'll chime in there.

Also this problem is less important to a lot of people that don't use external storage and have large internal storage. Like an iPhone or the new galaxy phones. Just my thought, no evidence.

Anyway I hope we can lead this charge and succeed !!!
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Yes and it's simply audacious that this topic is flagged as solved, or is this simply due to it's age?

Will opening an new and fresh thread solve the issue? I don't know how to get the attention of the moderators and the staff at soundcloud any other way, since I do not use twitter or anything(those who do, luc-wastiaux up there had the right idea). I also can't believe that there is only such a few number of people who have this problem. If it's really only in the low hundreds, like the view count of the thread suggests, I would not have my coders take this issue on if I was someone who does not have his/her community in mind.
No one is giving this thread any attention. We need another way to bring this problem to light
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I use soundcloud as my primary source for music at the moment, because a lot of small and/or local artists are not on Spotify and the ability to post (re-)mixes and sets creates a creative environment that I do not want to miss.

The only thing that was missing in this was the ability to listen to music while not being connected to the internet. So when I saw today that something like SoundCloud Go existed--apparently it was only made available in Germany a week ago--I immediately got a subscription! But, as soon as I looked into the options of this service, my enthusiasm was reduced to nothingness, because I was not able to designate my SD card as the storage location for offline listening!

Holy shit, everybody with a smartphone uses a SD card to expand storage capacities, especially those of us who do not own a 600€ phone with 64GB of internal storage! I want to download and listen to more than 1 GB, which is what's left of my internal storage! I want to download playlists full of sets and tracks that I can listen to while offline! I am willing to pay for this! Please, this such a simple thing to ask!

I found this old thread and I cannot believe, that this issue was raised over seven month ago and all we heard is this one small comment about relaying it to the coders.

Please, please, pretty please, for the love of god, sort this shit out, it's not much to ask!
Decided to give Go a shot but after realizing this immediately canceled my subscription.
This is a no-go.
So it's been 7 months since this thread was addressed and the noat recent comment was 20 days ago. I think its safe to say sound cloud is not making this a priority no matter what we say. Also with the shift of hardware having more and more internal storage people don't experience this.

With a phone that has minimal internal 10gb storage but large external storage (64+gb) this problem shows itself almost immediately , but with a large internal storage phone 64+gb it's not as noticeable.

There is a good chance we won't sever see this addressed with the shift in phone design.
Anyone who feels strongly about this feature, please ping the Soundcloud CEO and founders on twitter (@alexanderljung , @ericw)with a polite and friendly message and mention the URL of this issue. Also tag @SoundCloud and @SCsupport. Hopefully we can generate enough attention to prioritize this feature. Let's be polite and courteous to make the message effective.
Also important to me.
Please prioritize
We absolutely need this.
Agreed, this needs to be sorted ASAP, otherwise I cannot use Soundcloud GO at all! Google Play does this very simply.
You better clue into this soundcloud Does not sound like rocket science! Do you want subscribers or not? Offlining is huge! The main reason anyone pays.
I agree this is top priority! I want to be able to listen my fav music also in the underground please. With only 16GB of space on my phone I can't use the offline feature of the App. Thanks
Hi there,

The location for the offline sync storage can currently not be changed, sorry. We've forwarded it to our engineers though.


+1 this is a mandatory option, it needs to be added asap ...
Hi there,

The location for the offline sync storage can currently not be changed, sorry. We've forwarded it to our engineers though.


It's been 5 months!
Have thought of going blackhat on this too to be honest, just so I can get all the data on my SD before my holiday abroad next week.
I have signed up on these forums just to make my frustrations known about this issue.

Soundcloud is an amazing platform, but how could you guys have screwed this simple feature up so catastrophically badly?

Just to be clear; the ONLY reason I am interested in paying you any money is the offline playing of tracks. I only listen to non-commercial EDM music sets, i.e. your extra catalogue is irrelevant to me (not that I have seen any evidence of it!). Btw; I think you guys should charge £5 per month just for offline storage/caching, I wouldn't mind paying that long-term.


I have ~320 liked songs on my profile, most of which are sets i.e. 100MB each so to download them all you are looking at ~25-32GB. Clearly not going to fit on my internal storage. I have 128GB SD card so it would be OK there.

Then I thought; "I'll just save the tracks I want to download individually". Oh god. No chance.

Your app UI is so poor (on this feature mind, otherwise it's great) it apparently only lets you download all the likes at once (intermittently that is; the icon for that disappears sometimes!). There is no option to download a track from the track details screen. And I want the ability to check off lots of tracks to download in one bulk user action, I don't want to be drilling through to details screens on individual tracks to download them.... but I can't even do that!


I tried moving the app to SD storage on my phone (S7 edge) and that didn't do anything. The app was still downloading to the internal storage.


I only signed up for the intro offer and really just want to have all my "liked" and playlisted tracks/mixes available when I'm abroad..etc. or driving through dodgy 4G zones.
I use Spotify, but really enjoy more upfront and underground music too, SoundCloud is full of that stuff. Just want it offline now, happy to pay a few bucks. Phone memory isn't capable, I've 5gb+ in my liked list alone, that's mostly single tracks, have lists of DJ mixes too.
My SD card is ready and waiting for all this data.