Soundcloud keeps pausing randomly

  • 10 April 2018
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Soundcloud keeps constaintly pausing randomly and only plays again when i hit play, sometimes it will pause a second time right after i hit play,
This is VERY frustrating and makes the experience very bad.
Occurs mostly when notifications pop up or i go into certain apps like 'snapchat'

13 replies

This keeps happening to me too, exact same problem in every way. I don’t know what’s goin on or how to fix it ._.
restart your phone. should work! 🙂
I've had exactly the same issues recently on Android. I love soundcloud and would prefer to keep using it but when I can't play a song or mix and expect it to play through I can't keep using the app.

Especially if I want to play the music with other people.

I've downloaded my playlists so I know it's not a data problem.

Please fix.
Restarting my phone didn't help.
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Hey @andoandco

Could you please make sure your power saving/battery saver mode is switched off?

To do this, go to your Settings, then in the Battery menu tap the 'more options' triple dot icon in the top right corner and check if your battery saver mode is off.

We've had a few similar reports and this seems to resolve it most of the time.

We'll hopefully include a fix in a future update, but for now this is unfortunately the only workaround we suggest.
Thanks @Navid,

I've just updated the power settings on my S9 to full performance and the pausing kept happening.

I also noticed that it's not random. It stops every 1:05 and it's only started happening in the past month or so.

I'd been using sound cloud happily for over 2 years without issues before that.

Any help would be much appreciated.
It's not been exactly every 1:05 the last few times but between every 1:00 to 1:10 on a downloaded track.
I have the same problem. Sound cloud keeps pausing, and I find it very fraustrating. I have adjusted my power saving settings but still have same problem. Can someone help please??
Resolved!!! Uninstall and reinstall soundcloud app... works great now..
Thank you @Adewale Akinjeji, I can now go back to using Soundcloud regularly!
i'm on the desktop (chrome) version tho.. everythings updated and such on my comp and i've refreshed, but still getting this automated pausing thing going on..
Resolved!!! Uninstall and reinstall soundcloud app... works great now..

specifically, i'm listening to a playlist that i made earlier today, and while a song on sc is playing, i'm in another tab doing work online, and anywhere inbetween 1/2 to 3/5ths of the way through the track, it fades out then stops completely..

this just happened to me four songs in a row. i just go back to the sc page, click play, then it goes through the rest of the track, only to do same thing on the following track..

i've never had this happen before to any degree, but it's happened now

not sure if being on other pages is triggering it or what, maybe it's especially touchy since i just uploaded the tracks in this playlist 2 hrs ago.. idk..
just trying to add more details incase any sc engineer ever checks this stream out.
I've signed in and out of my app, restarted my phone, uninstalled and reinstalled the app... Still pauses.. like every 50 seconds.

The problem for this is :

another device with your sign in account is using soundcloud.

Log out from the other one.