Soundcloud links on my browsers open up app store, even when I have the app already

Every time I try to go to a Soundcloud link on my browser (Android, Samsung Galaxy S7, multiple browsers, normally use Opera) the link automatically opens up my Play Store. Ideally I'd like to just be able to listen to the link in my browser; but whenever I caved in and got the app, the same thing happened. At first I just instinctively clicked the green "open" button (that replaces "download app" when you already have said app), expecting that to open the link; but it just takes me to my dashboard/homepage instead of opening the link I was trying to listen to. I have found the workaround of switching my browser to "desktop mode, " but it would be nice to just be able to listen to a link upon clicking it. This has made me just think about uninstalling the app altogether since I usually use Soundcloud on my PC (app is quite limited in comparison), and the only reason why I got the app was to be able to open links and listen to them. Is there a way to avoid this without having to switch my browser to desktop mode every time?

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Hi there Miguel,

Sorry about this inconvenience. We've reported this issue to our engineers and they are currently investigation this issue, yet weren't able to provide an exact timeline for when this can be fixed.

We're hoping to have this sorted soon.

Thank you & all the best
Same issue here. I just got a new Samsung Galaxy 7 Edge and unfortunately I can't open the links shared by my friends. It opens the PlayStore instead of opening the soundcloud app that is already installed.
Has there been any progress on this fix? I am still getting this same issue
+1, still happening to me.

Android 7.1.2, Pixel XL

- Install Soundcloud app, login
- In Messenger app, click on a Soundcloud link (e.g.
- I expect the Soundcloud app to open and the song to load. But I get sent to the Google Play Store each time; when I click "Open" (since the app is installed), I get sent to the front page of the app instead of the song.

- Copy and pasting the link into Chrome causes the app to open up correctly to the song itself
- Clicking the same link in a different app (texts, Google Hangouts, Facebook) works. This makes me think it's a Messenger integration problem. In messenger, the in-app browser opens first and it looks like it's trying to access
This is still a BIG issue. Makes it difficult to share content. I may consider a different platform.
Amazing that this crap still happens. And soundcloud wonders why it's a dying platform. Goddamned ridiculous.
how is this still a problem!? this was reported a year ago and u still havent fixed it? @Mathis any progress on this?
Can confirm this problem still exists, every.. damn.. time 😑 smh soundcloud
2018. Still an issue.
This is fucking ridiculous. Some people pay for this shit and can't even share their content without inconveniencing people. Fix. This. Shit. NOW.
Testro T3 🆒🆒
I solved this:
VLC will play SoundCloud links.
So: copy SoundCloud link => open it from clipboard in VLC ('Open MRL').

You may consider deleting the rubbish SoundCloud app after this 😉
This problem is STILL HAPPENING two years on. What is going on. It’s making me want to drop SoundCloud. I know it’s a free service for most but even for paid users the problem still persists. It’s a disgrace. How can artists share their music? Even more unsettling is how we all get NO ANSWER from SoundCloud.
I am fully agreeing with the criticism of Soundcloud being slow in their tracks. To say the least.
However, apart from using VLC, I found the problem has come to an end.
As the solution came about the time my Android phone upgraded to Android 8.1 and a Opera Mobile update, I am unable to tell which did the effect - or whether it was both.
Fact of the matter is: Today I can hear Soundcloud in Opera Mobile (and it even continues playing when I switch off the screen).
My guess is that it's Opera that has done a good job at updating.
Still happening for me from Safari. Crazy that this is still an issue.
Almost 2019 now and this is still happening to me on iOS safari. Every time. Can’t open any links to soundcloud.
blows my mind how long this has been an unresolved problem. imagine how many more likes/follows/reposts we’d all have if links to tracks actually functioned properly for mobile
Same issue, with safari or chrome, it’s the same ! Everything is up to date. It is really annoying, just can’t listen anything as most tracks are shared in private.

Soundcloud team ? Will you answer one day ?
Got the same Problem in Opera, everything up to date.
It's hard, that none of the dev's say anything about it, since years. 😪😤