SoundCloud on Apple Watch

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Soundcloud Team - love the service (am paying subscriber). Out of curiosity, what is the criteria you need to hit in order to respond to customer demand and resource this piece of development? Requests, financial, other? Then the community can focus on delivering that for your metrics...let’s make a deal! 🙂
I agree with the others in saying it would be hugely useful, and woul add that it would make it very compelling feature of soundcloud Go or premium. I could imagine offline listening (of your recently "favourite" tracks)to be massively popular.
Hey guys - are there completely no plans to do this since cellular is an option with an Apple Watch? You mention it’s not in the roadmap but roadmaps change as technology does.

spotify have now joined the party and are releasing their app - surely it’s right to deliver on this?

Is is it possible for an update please? Even if the message is still that it’s not in your roadmap. No soundcloud devalues the watch for me therefore it will be off the Christmas list so seeking some clarity prior to purchase.


Yeah we definitely need an app for SoundCloud more fully fledged than just the now playing. Looks like I’m switching from SoundCloud go to Vox
ye i have SoundCloud go+ and am buying an apple watch. now I'm looking into other ways to stream my music that work in the watch. please make an app. SoundCloud is truly my favorite.