SoundCloud on Apple Watch

  • 11 January 2018
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I was wondering if there were any plans to add SoundCloud to the Apple Watch 3? I was reading that it was once compatible with the Apple Watch and has since been removed. I didn't research it too much but because I briefly read it was on the watch it was one of the main reasons I purchased one and was devastated when I learnt it was no longer compatible!

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42 replies


I just got an apple watch, if I could stream soundcloud to my watch I’d pay for a subscription too!

I just got an apple watch, if I could stream soundcloud to my watch I’d pay for a subscription too!

throwing in another vote.  also Go+ subscriber, but need a option for my workouts on the watch so that I can ditch the phone.  Not about to jump ship yet, but would pay more just for this capability.

Now on apple watch 5 still no soundcloud. U guys need to get with the times
I have recently bought apple watch series 5 and was hugely disappointed by the fact that sound cloud has no apple watch app, the main usage for my watch is during running or going to the gym where I usually listen to music so not having an apple watch app is a huge set back! I am paying a soundcloud pro subscription and find no logical reason why soundcloud can't invest in developing a watch app!

I will now explore other music apps and might decide to stop my soundcloud pro subscription
For the record 3rd party streaming wasn’t supported until the lyes (watch iOS6). But it is now, I am currently a Go+ subscriber but I think I’m going to cancel it in favour of Apple Music until this is resolved. It’s not that hard to develop a mirror app for streaming on watch OS, soundcloud obviously thinks there is no point investing in the product now they have to compete with Apple.
I need to listen to music from my AirPods synced to my Apple Watch during my workouts.

I can't afford to pay for two streaming services.

Either SoundCloud releases an Apple Watch app with some basic streaming/caching support or switching to Spotify. I'm not looking forward to it, but if SoundCloud can't play on the devices where music is listened to most often (the gym on Apple Watch), then it's not worth paying for...
Every other streaming service has an Apple Watch app but all I listen to is SoundCloud. I don’t want that to change but I might have to if you don’t make an app. It can’t be that hard and I’m sure there is time and resources for you to do so. Please make this.
We need our favourite streaming app on Apple Watch!
AW S4 is now out. surely you can support an add-on app with basic functionality by now.
Pls i need app 4apple watch , SoundCloud is the best app 4my Iphone
greetings wo anyone with the power to make this happen! Please get SoundCloud on the series 4 watch! I go for runs and miss out on my favourite streaming app! Make it premium only if you have to but don’t miss out on the future
ye i have SoundCloud go+ and am buying an apple watch. now I'm looking into other ways to stream my music that work in the watch. please make an app. SoundCloud is truly my favorite.
Yeah we definitely need an app for SoundCloud more fully fledged than just the now playing. Looks like I’m switching from SoundCloud go to Vox
Hey guys - are there completely no plans to do this since cellular is an option with an Apple Watch? You mention it’s not in the roadmap but roadmaps change as technology does.

spotify have now joined the party and are releasing their app - surely it’s right to deliver on this?

Is is it possible for an update please? Even if the message is still that it’s not in your roadmap. No soundcloud devalues the watch for me therefore it will be off the Christmas list so seeking some clarity prior to purchase.


I agree with the others in saying it would be hugely useful, and woul add that it would make it very compelling feature of soundcloud Go or premium. I could imagine offline listening (of your recently "favourite" tracks)to be massively popular.
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Soundcloud Team - love the service (am paying subscriber). Out of curiosity, what is the criteria you need to hit in order to respond to customer demand and resource this piece of development? Requests, financial, other? Then the community can focus on delivering that for your metrics...let’s make a deal! 🙂
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I would become a paying subscriber if they had an apple watch app. Come in soundcloud!
soundcloud doesnt give a crap about what users want.. then they wonder why the platform continues to crumble as users go elsewhere to get what they want.
ich brauche auch unbedingt eine SC App für meine AW3 ❤️
PLEASE bring back the watch app. I will also be leaving my phone at home more often with the cellular watch models becoming more independent of the phone. I'm a Go+ subscriber and a heavy user, but this might actually justify cancelling my subscription.
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Please add SC to Apple Watch. It would be nice to play our playlist while we running, hiking, skating....... without having the phone all the time on us.
I love SoundCloud
With the new watch OS 5 out today and allowing you to select which wifi to connect this will for sure this would surely increase users on watch OS. Can we have an app for OS you can make it free with basic feature and more features with paid users which for most users of watch OS are
no app? dang!
Soundcloud on my Apple Watch 3 >>> is it possible? Yes or no?

I can't imagine why no.

I love SC.