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  • 29 June 2015
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If SoundCloud isn't going to provide stats for channels in the mobile app, perhaps it could provide a responsive web UI that allows us to access our stats via a mobile device or tablet. Redirecting us to a limited mobile site is horrible UX, and even if I request the desktop site, it doesn't even give me the chance to fumble with panning and zooming. This means that I can't manage my channel while on a mobile device at all. (What year are we in?)

Which brings me to another issue. Stop redirecting tablets to the mobile site. Most tablets can fit the standard web UI, and having to request the desktop UI every time I want to view the site on my tablet is poor UX.

Ideally, I'd like to be able to access stats and manage my channel in the mobile app, or have a companion app like YouTube's Creator Studio app.

Update: I just found this post with an almost identical issue and request. The reply from muszeo sounds promising. Happy to hear some progress is being made.

2 replies

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Jup, this is definitely being looked into, however with no ETA as to how and when this will be available. Stay tuned ;-)

Apart from that, though, I'll make sure to pass on the other points you've touched to the relevant product team.

I also got frustrated with the lack of support for this from SoundCloud - so decided to setup a SoundCloud APP by myself!
It’s called Track Hawk - it enables you to view your SoundCloud stats on any device - e.g. your phone.

Currently we launched the first release - Would love to hear what you think - good, or bad :-)

cheers - zinne