subscription issues

  • 18 October 2019
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my debt card expired so when i added a new one a month later (after my subscription expired) it charged me RIGHT AWAY for the soundcloud go+ subscription which would have been fine if it flipping gave it to me but it’s been several days now and i’ve troubleshot a bunch signing out and back in but it won’t give me my subscription which is total bullshxt cause when i go to renew the subscription from the app it says 9.99 for go+ but i got charged 14.08 after tax which is total crap !!!! i wouldn’t complain about a few dollars if i could just fix it and listen to my music but THAT IS NOT THE CASE . how does this make sense and why do i have to suffer through this i have been using soundcloud for years and now that it’s actually big and makes LOADS of money cause of ads and paid subs now i’m having issues with it ??? cmon fam what the hell

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