The bar at the bottom's stuck

Everytime i play a track the bar that tells you where in the song you are keeps imediately going to the end of the song, but the song plays regularly and the time is fine like it knows it's 1:23/3:01 but the orange bar is at the end.

Best answer by Emperor Melons 2 December 2018, 15:21

I have this same issue it's infuriatingly lame!

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I have this same issue it's infuriatingly lame!
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Hi there,

Sorry to hear this is happening. I'm assuming this was an issue with an earlier version of the app. If you're still experiencing this, though, I'd recommend to restart your app and device, try signing out and back in, or deleting the app, restart the phone, then download the app again from the App Store. Hopefully, this will sort out any glitches from the previous installation.