Track info on iOS app?

  • 2 December 2017
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I just switched over to iOS from Android and I can’t figure out how to view the track info/description in the iOS app? It’s super helpful to be able to view purchasing info and especially tracklists for mixes on the go, surely this isn’t a discrepancy between the SoundCloud app for iOS and Android?

6 replies

This is not an “optional” feature. Many musicians post lyrics along with recordings. And listeners want to read them. This essential song element must be accessible on the IOS app. Thank you.
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Yes this is/was, unfortunately, very useful for lyrics as well. At first I thought I was just overlooking it, but now I can't believe this feature is missing from the iOS version of the SoundCloud app. At least make it equivalent to the Android app!
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This is driving me absolutely nuts.

I listen to multiple DJ mixes every week on my iphone and it is beyond ridiculous that I can't read the tracklistings.

It's 2018 guys, not 2008. When is this going to be resolved?
Yeah this is a long-standing problem. SoundCloud team doesn’t really support iOS, which is why I’ve never considered paying for the subscription. It was about a decade before they added the ability to read track comments on iOS! So I guess expect another decade wait for track info...
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Man I can’t believe this is still not fixed.

How big can the additional text data possibly be? Just add a separate icon to read the track info.

How is can you have this on Android but not iOS???
Yea for the subscription fee you would think the details would be a absolute must. Love Soundcloud and been using it daily for 6 years now. I just got the paid subscription a little over a year and a half ago. No more ads... pretty great but not crucial,
Can listen to Go + songs....I rarely run into any.
Offline downloads...fantastic.
Have details and same features as desktop app....Nope.
It would be a great feature to have and will make a lot of people happy and possibly even sell more.