When will the SoundCloud team implement the "Next Up" (or "queue") feature for iOS?

  • 13 March 2019
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I see absolutely no reason why the SoundCloud team cannot add the "Next Up" (or "queue") feature to iOS. It exists on Mac and Android for a reason: it's a feature that's nearly universal across music streaming platforms, it's immensely helpful, and there's no justification for its absence from iOS other than deliberate laziness. The app is so sleek and well-polished otherwise (they even added updates just the other day to the appearance of profiles on the iOS app). A mobile queue would be so easy to implement and requires very simple programming skills. They could add and debug the feature in a single day's work. So many people I know have switched to Spotify for this one reason.

How might we go about convincing the team to make this change? My impression from reading past posts is that these queries rarely get read or even considered. Is there any way to contact SoundCloud directly? Adding this feature seems like a no-brainer to me.

4 replies

Seriously though, are you guys okay over there? It's been almost two years since I switched to iOS and the next up feature has been "coming soon" this whole time. Is it simply not a priority for the developers, but they don't wanna say so at the risk of losing subscriptions? I would think if everyone pays the same, they should have access to the same features no matter the operating system.
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Hi there,

This is not planned for immediate release, however is something our product team is looking into. When this is subject to change, we'll be sure to inform the Help Community about any updates around this.

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So I guess what you're saying to us is you realize you have this issue and still don't give a shit.
Any updates on this? Why is this taking so long to fix?