Where are Sound Cloud recordings saved locally on a phone?

  • 9 January 2015
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I am new to SoundCloud and have just been testing some recordings on an Android phone (Nexus 5). After I record a sound and then click Record another sound, it tells me the recording is saved locally, but I cannot find it anywhere. Does this mean that I need to upload recordings immediately? Thanks

3 replies

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Hi there,

Thanks for posting and welcome to SoundCloud 🙂 Your recordings should be under SoundCloud - Recordings. That's either on the internal storage or on your SD Card, if you have one.

I, personally, am using AndroidFileTransfer, which enables me to quickly browse the file structure of my phone on my Mac, to copy my recordings over to the computer first. If you're using Windows, you might be able to access the phone's file structure straight from the Windows Explorer.

Hope this helps!

Yes but what is the directory? We cant find it anywhere? I have a recording that cant be published because my space is full, and I want to transfer it to my computer so I can listen it on the computer.
On Android using ES File Explorer File Manager check:


you should see .ogg and .wav files if it's still there example: 1484713104783.ogg and 1484713104783.wav