Where have my oldest reposts gone?!

  • 10 October 2017
  • 22 replies

I’ve been using SoundCloud for what must be close to 5 years now. I don’t upload any Music of my own but I use it to repost and share music. I thought I had built up quite a large collection of music, only to realize I can’t actually find any of my old reposts over a certain amount of scrolling. Every time I try and scroll down right to the bottom of my repost feed it stops at a certain point. This is extremely aggravating because I am still able to listen to the older tracks I have in my oldest playlists but not the ones that aren’t. Does this mean that SoundCloud has a repost limit?! and if so why do they not make it clear or alert you of the hundreds of tracks that have disappeared. To add to my frustration I upgraded to soundcloud go thinking SoundCloud was the best way to store my music and was worth the money but what is the actual point of paying if I can’t actually retain all on my music? It would be interesting to hear if anyone else has noticed has noticed this flaw or if anyone has a solution or answer to this issue other than switching to alternative streaming service?

22 replies

I have the same problem!!!! BRO its so ANNOYING, SO SO ANNOYING. My old songs is gone now!! Maybe someone can answer to this??!!! Can someone just can explain how to recover these songs? Please help!
Looks like its the last ios update that trashed EVERYTHING in my account.
This really hurts. My ENTIRE account is based on reposts.
All of mine have disappeared as well! 4 years of music gone 😕 hopefully they just show back up.....
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Hi there,

Just checking in - your reposts should all be back by now. There was a temporary outage, which caused for some reposts to disappear from some profiles. Sorry about the trouble.

I’m glad other people know what I’m talking about! Thanks Mathis for replying but as time goes on I’m still losing more and more !
@Mathis hi,
I have the same issue. I hope that could be fixed soon. thank you


Same problem here ... i share alot of music but since 2 days all of my reposts have disappeared. My timeline only shows the playlists i have shared but thousands of single reposts aren´t showing up. My timeline was almost endless and now i can scroll through it in 15 seconds.

Can you please fix it ??


SAME ISSUE - ALL REPOSTED TRACKS reposted tracks from the last few years are MISSING. I tried reposting a track today and it showed up but the remaining 99.9% are STILL missing except for playlists etc. My browsers are up to date - emptied the cache, deleted cookies, restarted, logged out logged in to no success. Please help. When clicking on specific tracks reposted in the past they still show as reposted so WHERE ARE THEY? I pay to use Soundcloud so any help would be appreciated. 🙂 soundcloud.com/creepstreet-1
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Having the same issue. AGAIN. I haven't even gotten back all my reposts from the last time you guys had the issue, and now I'm losing all the one's I've built up since then too? Come on, this is ridiculous. I've even contacted you guys, and got no reply or any type of resolution. Hopefully this is fixed soon, I have over 7,000 reposts I've built up over 7 or 8 years.
All of my reposts are gone as well! 6 years worth of reposted music 😞
same here 8ish years of reposts all gone.. really hoping they all just pop up again.
Fuck I’m so glad I’m not the only one having this problem, I was low key freaking out thinking I pressed something wrong lmao
Does anyone have any idea when they'll get this fixed?
This is so devastating, fingers crossed all our reposts magically reappear
happening to me too @Mathis can you please explain or help?????
This happened to me three months ago and I left a comment on a different thread then. Thankfully Soundcloud fixed it soon after but now it's happened again. This is the fourth time I've experienced (hopefully temporary) repost wipes, and it's quite frustrating.

The silver lining here is that they eventually get restored (despite the seemingly varying lengths of time it takes for the bug to be fixed each time), meaning the data itself doesn't disappear even when they don't appear on your profile.

Also, after the first time it happened I noticed the playlists remain untouched so I started backing up all of my reposts onto playlists, just in case. Hopefully this strategy can help other people not feel utterly crushed when everything disappears with no warning.

Anyway, please fix this, Soundcloud!! Thank you.
Hey @Mathis

Is this being addressed? An update on the situation would be really helpful. Thank you!!
All of my reposts literally so many songs are just gone. I’ve been using SoundCloud for years and this has never happened. I had reposted songs on there from when I first started using SoundCloud. It’s been like this for weeks and I don’t know how to get them back. I just want to delete SoundCloud all together because this is aggravating.

2 years later and nothing. Thanks soundcloud! You need to do better !